Brazil is home to some of the most hardcore metal fans in the world. So, it should come as no surprise that we’ve been treated to yet another thrash/death metal band from the Amazon. This time, however, it’s the all female thrash band, Nervosa. While currently on tour in Europe with the mighty Venom, Inc., Nervosa are set to release their third full length record, “Downfall Of Mankind.”

The band treats us with an extremely bass heavy, almost ominous Intro, that provokes a feeling of dread. The feeling only continues to rise as the song builds in anticipation, before coming to it’s inevitable end.

However, that end drops us straight into an ear piercing scream from bassist/vocalist, Fernanda Lira. This scream from Lira kicks off the fantastic track, Horrordome. Right from the start, you can tell these girls are inspired by the likes of Slayer, Sepultura, and Death. Lira possesses a power in her voice that I haven’t heard from a female vocalist in quite some time, making it a refreshing change of pace.

Up next is the single, Never Forget, Never Repeat. Right away, this song picks up directly where the previous track left off, with crushing, lightning fast guitar work, and a bass this is very high in the mix. The main detraction from this song, and many of the others on the album, is the guitar solos from Prika Amaral. While they show creativity, and enthusiasm, they almost sound lost. It’s almost as if they recorded them in a completely empty room, which is exactly what it sounds like. Imagine plugging your guitar into a house you just moved into. No furniture, nothing to absorb the sound, and that’s a pretty accurate description of the guitar solos on this album.

Kill The Silence, being the lead single for the album, is by far the most accessible song on the album. Don’t let that distract you though, this song, while being tame when compared to the others, still proves that these ladies are here for a fight, and will think nothing about knocking you out, and having a beer over your unconscious body.

Raise Your Fist! starts off in a rather unusual way. We are treated various inspirational speeches from throughout history, most notably the “I have a dream!” speech by Martin Luther King Jr. This gives way to a song that was just made for the live show, with a chorus that is just tailor made for crowds to sing along with.

Closing out the album, we are treated to the most unusual song on the album, Selfish Battle. This is the only point in the album to not only feature some clean vocals, but also guest vocals from João Gordo, from Brazilian hardcore punk band, Ratos de Porão.

Overall, minus the issues on the guitar solos, this is a standout album of modern day thrash metal. Given enough time, Nervosa could very well be the future flag bearers for a genre that doesn’t get near as much attention as it should.

You can pre-order your copy of ‘Downfall Of Mankind’ out June 1st Via Napalm Records HERE!