For a band that only formed in 2017, a lot has happened for this not-so-quiet Melbourne band In Deception. After supporting the likes of Dream On Dreamer, Deez Nuts and Dregg, the band has decided to give a taste of everything they have to give with their EP Lore. A small, five track taste platter of what vocalist Andrew Burnham, drummer Jordan Ley, bassist Matthew Paxton and guitarists Nathan Spikin and Mitch Turner have to offer.

Right from the get go, you can see why In Deception has decided to go post-hardcore. However the band doesn’t stick with only one style going track to track. As previously mentioned, it’s definitely more of a taste platter to see what sound suits them best. This process is best done through the EP stage as its easier to see what style suits them more before the ever fateful album recording.

Branching in styles with the heavy chorus mixed with rap verses akin to that of Korn and Limp Bizkit in ‘GG’ through to the soft melodic ways in ‘Airborn’ that bring a Breaking Benjamin vibe to the mix, its clear to see that In Deception is highly eclectic in their ways. It’s actually quite nice to hear a band who isn’t afraid to just stick with one style in a genre but, instead, go for a variety that, not only compliments the band, but the tracks before and after.

The first thing listeners will notice is the names of each track. Simplistic and ambiguous, each track is either two letters representing something that this reviewer just couldn’t pick up what it was, or a single word. This leaves everything up for interpretation until you press play.

The lyrics are highly impactful throughout each track of Lore and give a deeper sense into the EP itself. The whole band made their messages highly clear when going through and recording these and it will resinate with all listeners just as it resonated with this reviewer. Each song a different story. Each story is a different step. It then circles all the way back to the EP name. It’s all Lore.

I will say that the surprising track with a sound thought to have been gone is ‘O.P.’! The track is heavy for majority yet the chorus has a sudden change up and bring in the old school sound of P.O.D which, even though surprising, suited the song completely. There is truly a track that will hit everyone’s tastes.

There’s only one problem with EP’s as eclectic as Lore. Will In Deception decide to continue with this variety of sounds into their future recordings? Will they decide one sound works better than the rest and go down that path? At this time it’s hard to say.

In the end, this is a deep, thoughtful EP with tastes that blend and suit together and tell amazing stories. This may only be In Deceptions first EP but Lore makes it feel like they’ve been around for a lot longer. Its highly recommended to check them out and get hooked now as it’s easy to see these boys going places.