The Australian Heavy Metal scene is really starting to turn up the heat, and is continuously seeing new faces take to the stage and burn with brilliance – Hara Kiri are no exception! The three piece outfit out of New South Wales have recently released their EP, “Judgement”, which has brought the three of them not only a lot of attention, but is setting up a lot of traction for them moving forward. It’s definitely one you’re going to want to wrap your ears around, and OVERDRIVE Music Magazine recently had the chance to do so.

The three pieces to the Hara Kiri puzzle are Ralph Brown (vocals), Jason Groenveld (guitar) and Jimmy Shoemark (drums).

The EP opens with title track “Judgement”; reminiscent of a baseball player stepping up to the plate and smacking their first delivery for a home run, Hara Kiri come hurdling out of the gates with brutal force. The track is the perfect ratio meshing of clean vocal and growling, and the instrumental transitions from manic speed to a more soothing undertone is well executed.

“Fact & Fiction” sees a much more prominent growling set of vocals throughout, however still provides enough clean vocals to keep the balance in check. The instrumentals in this track are quirky, which lends another layer of depth to the overall polish of the track.

Muffled guitar and drums breaks through the void in the opening section of “Despise“, before the growls of Brown accompany a more audible deliverance (which is balls-to-the-wall!). There’s somewhat of a gritty, dark tone to Hara Kiri’s performance (when it comes to the instrumentals), which definitely lends an extra layer of depth to their overall composition.

The instrumentals are taken up a notch, and the drums are sent into overdrive with “Create“, which is ironically named considering the maniacal creation they’ve put in front of us with this track. The subtle breaks shine a lot more than I thought they would, given the stark contrast it bares to the heavier, predominant tones played throughout, but it’s truly the instrumental work that make this track as good as it is. Definitely a highlight for the EP.

The EP rounds out with “Child’s Play”, packing a fistful of eerie undertones while maintaining their instrumental prowess that’s been demonstrated throughout the EP’s duration. The whispered vocals pierce through the instrumentals with brilliance (and is an addition that heightens the overall performance), and the clean vocals as a whole definitely help the final track transcend to higher planes.

Overall, this EP is brilliantly pieced together. It holds a lot of key ingredients that make up solid foundations for future products, and they demonstrate a plethora of talents that will accommodate many tastes (for the fans) within the Heavy Metal world. One album that I highly recommend you take the time to sit back, and listen to. You won’t be disappointed.