Seattle based death metal outfit Drawn And Quartered will unleash their seventh album, ‘The One Who Lurks’, at the end of July via Krucyator Productions. As an excerpt, the fourth and one of the sickest tracks from this opus — Deliverance to the Worms — is currently being streamed at Decibel Magazine. Stream it below:

The band states: “A merciless onslaught upon the faithful. “Deliverance to the Worms” reflects more familiar aspects of Drawn And Quartered: full-throttled aggression, relentless riffage that wastes no time in delivering a crippling bludgeon. The texts, as is the case for much of the new record, are channeled from an almost-forgotten age; a traditional tale of bloodlust and butchery.”

Balefully titled upcoming opus ‘The One Who Lurks’ sees no discernible turnaround in the already established signature sound. However, it surely sees the long serving death metal trio to vengefully and ravenously hone the level of ferocity and profanity in an unadulterated way. The eight tracks, containing maelstrom of bizarre riffs, repulsive vocals, and cavernous drumming, individually act as an entryway to unfurl the lurking terror that is maliciously aiming to flay its victim alive.

Upon re-issuing Drawn and Quartered’s ‘Feeding Hell’s Furnace’ (on tape) and ‘Hail Infernal Darkness’ (on vinyl), French label Krucyator Productions will present the highly anticipated seventh full length ‘The One Who Lurks’ on July 27, 2018. Gabriel T Byrne has executed the hideous artwork of this album. The Tucson, Arizona based artist has limned the cover of every Drawn and Quartered full lengths. The label owner Loic F. (Autokrator, N.K.V.D.) has undertaken the duty of the layout, mixing, mastering and the production.