Review: Hammers – Homeblokes


Haven spoken to guitarist Lucas Stone not too long ago, OVERDRIVE Music Magazine new what they were getting themselves into when they picked up Hammers’ upcoming EP, “Homeblokes”. (You can check out our interview with him HERE!) When we spoke of the upcoming release, Stone stated, “It’ll be bigger than Elvis’ hips, mate. Buckle up.” He wasn’t joking either. The six track EP boasts some zealous performances, laced with quirkiness and Australian colloquialism – they don’t shy away from bringing their own brand and authenticity into the fray, which is what makes them so bloody brilliant to listen to!

If you haven’t heard of this rag-tag group of blokes before, it’s perfectly fine. Allow the EP to get yourselves firmly acquainted, because you won’t be disappointed. The strings pulling the Hammers puppet are Stone (guitar), Fish (vocals), Ricky Thunder (bass), and Ruckus (drums).

Blessing our ears with a killer opening riff, Golden Gates kicks the EP off with brutal brilliance; clearly wanted to demonstrate their instrumental prowess early, and I’m not complaining one bit! Fish lends a smooth set of vocals that laces through the notes seamlessly (when he’s not screaming, of course), and overall Hammers sets the dial to eleven straight out the Gates (pun intended!)

Partnered with some ‘tinnies and darts’ (for those out of Australia, we’re talking about beers and cigarettes here!), Just Cause exerts energy, and Hammers ooze charisma … at least, I hope it’s charisma! Packed with some powerful licks, and cheeky nuances, this makes for a great listen.

Whether it’s right up in your face, or a subtle passing by, everything Hammers produces has hilarity laced through it – I mean, you just have to see the Music Video for their single Speak of the Devil, it speaks in volumes! Authentic Australian rock, packed with a fistful of laughter and some brilliant instrumental performances. If you’re sitting around at home with mates, slamming back some beers and having a good old riot, this is the type of track you’re going to want to have blaring in the background!

More Rope opens with a vastly different tone to that of the opening three tracks; the tempo is slowed down (to the standard set before it), the instrumental performance is dialled back a bit, and it’s the vocals of ­­­­Fish that is given control of the wheel. With that all being said, the instrumental delivery throughout the track is still bang on, whilst giving Fish the chance to truly showcase his capabilities. Definitely a welcomed sound!

Whilst maintaining the somewhat slower tempo, Dead Set brings heavier tones back into the fold, but still leaves Fish standing at the forefront; the EP has had the perfect balance – the opening handful of tracks heavily aimed at showcasing some maniacal instrumental performances, whilst the last two tracks have dialled it down allowing the vocals to take the limelight. Although a stark contrast, the shift compliments each other superbly, and is a true demonstration of the abilities that Hammers possess collectively.

The EP draws to an end with Palm Readings with Sin, titled with craft and performed with brilliance. The tempo returns to the similar vein we saw in the opening of the EP, and you can feel the energy surging with each note played. There’s a real sense of the EP coming full circle with this track; it finishes exactly where it kicked off, and lands comfortably in the pocket.

What an outing from Hammers – they promised to deliver something big, and they more than achieved that! Whether they possess the sound you love, well that’s going to be up to you to decide, but I urge you all to listen to the EP at least once; if the Australian slang leaves you wandering, the instrumental performances will drag you back in – they possess something for everyone (don’t ask them what though, I fear the answers might not be family friendly!).

“Homeblokes” graces the world on June 22. Pre-Orders are now available HERE! What are you waiting for!?