UK’s Heavy Metal band SERPENTS KISS released lyric video for “Black Wizard”, the song taken from upcoming album Dragon Lord, to be released on 01/10/2018!

You are standing in a medieval land, staring through the fog. You have spoken with the Black Wizard. He has sent you on a heavy metal quest to join the witches and their queen Sabbatha to help stand off against the mighty monster and its leader, he who has brought a reign of terror on the land for many years. It’s the Dragon Lord. This is only the beginning; the war is far from over and for the first time light has broke the sky.

Dragon Lord. The latest album from Serpents Kiss coming in October of 2018. Featuring heavy metal artistry from some real music virtuosos. With huge sound inspirations coming from Judas Priest and Iron Maiden that makes this album one of a kind.

Dragon Lord

Track List:
1.Gods Awaken/ Black Wizard
2. Innocence
3. Dragon Lord
4. Slaves Of The Light
5. Sabbatha
6. Take The King
7. Witches Embers
8. Winters Eve