Words: Olivia Farrell
Photos: Mike Trubetskov


While many of the Melbourne Lagerstein fans will have woken up Saturday morning with a mighty fierce hangover, they would all agree that it was so worth it. The Melbourne Lagerstein ‘Yeast Coast Brewery Tour’ was a big and wonderful show that many fans braved the cold to come out to see. With four support bands, fans were spoilt for choice as not one of them sounded the same. With classic heavy, thrash, party and power metal, this diverse mix of bands each bought something different to the stage, getting the audience fired up and ready to boarding the S.S Plunderberg.

First on the line up was Haunted Steel. This five piece band has a typical classic metal sound to them. A bit stiff and still at the beginning, these guys did get a few burst of energy that helped engage the crowd and begin the night. With a few hiccups on some of their songs, it was good to see nothing stopped these guys going. While they still have some growing to do as a band, the modist size crowd of the night did seem to like them.

Next came the thrash metal of Triple Kill. Playing some songs from the as-yet untitled new album, this five piece band came in strong, heavy and rough. For a band that’s still fairly young, these guys make an impression and work so well together. With a great stage presence and strong vocals, these guys are an absolute delight to watch. Each member alone brings something to the stage and their sound, enhancing their music to make a strong whole.

Sudden State was up next as the crowd started to really file in. This four piece party metal band of head bangers was well suited to a Lagerstein show and their partying spirit. While their songs did blur together, each sounding fairly similar, these guys played some fun riffs and engaged the crowd well. They are definitely a band you want playing a party.

Last on the support slot was Horizons Edge and damn was the crowd full by their first song. This five piece band had a nice fantasy feel to their power metal sound. Their cover of Holding out for a Hero was rather intriguing giving this 80s classic a metal twist. With some amazing guitar riffs and stand out drumming, this band really got the crowd ready for the headliner.

After a very interesting lineup of local bands, the well anticipated Lagerstein was up. The crowd was already screaming and cheering during sound check. With crowd surfacing, drinking games and one hell of a violent wall of death, this show was full of audience participation. Only the bravest and toughest of the fans were able to withstand the mosh pit, for it was rough.

As the band bagan, you could instantly tell that for these guys, being on stage was their home. With spectacular stage presence and performance, each of their songs had something different, never failing to engage the crowd. Starting with Raise Your Steinswas, which had a strong and epic opening, this song really had the feeling of being in a pirate movie where a battle is approaching. It set the scene well and got the crowd straight into their place as the punting crew.

A shift in energy was brought down by the slower pace of Drink ‘till We Die. With acoustic guitar and calming pace, the band got almost everyone sitting down on the ground. It bought a real sea shanty feel as everyone was turned into classic pirates as they sat drinking and singing along.

As the energy was turned back up to fast paced pirating for the rest of the set, the shows encore was definitely a highlight of the show. Teasing and making the crowd work for it, the band returned to performance the Land of Bundy. Strong in spirit and anthem like, this was a crowd pleaser and a great way to end the night.

A party was fortold, and a great party was definitely had. These guys didn’t play, they managed to turn a performance into a legendary party. Each member plays with such talent and energy, standing out on their own yet also come together as one sound,  having great talent and passion. While the band does have the identity of pirates, they are not defined or restricted to that identity. It will be exciting to see what they will do next.

Haunted Steel

Triple Kill

Sudden State

Horizons Edge


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