Canadian black metal band Finnr’s Cane have released their new song Willow via metal blog Toilet ov Hell. The song is taken from their upcoming album ‘Elegy’ which will be released via Prophecy Productions this July.

The site said: “With a doomy approach to atmospheric black metal, the trio shows a few of their many sides in these short five minutes.  It highlights the soft tremolo, cello that occasionally pops its head up from laying the foundation to lead, and of course, a dark and moody tone. After a great long intro, the vocals kick in low in the mix with a blackened folk riff over the top.”

The band said Willow was one of the first songs that was composed for ‘Elegy’.

“The majority of the track is instrumental, however clean and harsh vocals make an appearance in the final movement. The lyrics were written to reflect the juxtaposition of sadness and joy that one feels when they are seemingly the only person that is awake in the early hours of the morning. These quiet hours, and the slow sway of willow branches under dim light, were the primary sources of inspiration for this song.”

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