The Transmissions split 12″ EP with New York’s TELOCH VOVIN and Florida’s GRAVE GNOSIS has been completed for release in late July. Trailers for both sides of the split have been issued as pre-orders are set to go live this week on the Summer Solstice.

TELOCH VOVIN’s side of the Transmissions split features Treatise On The Left Emanation, which was recorded at REI and Studio Pentagrammaton and features guest guitar khaos by Doug Randazzo and screams by the Dragon’s Coven. The song is an invocation and an exploration of the Qlithotic Worlds, The Nightside Emanation of the Khaos before Creation and the Tree of Death. It’s a person expression and representation of the ordeals experienced while working with and interacting with the adversarial forces of Khaos and Holy Death. To destroy the world, one must destroy the self.

GRAVE GNOSIS delivers Ravenmocker on the other side of the slab, the track recorded by the band at Sixth Gate Studios and featuring guest vocals by H. MacRea of Thaumiel. The Ravenmocker is a figure of Cherokee (tzalagi) lore. A powerful witch who has surpassed the status of its fellow Night-Goers by delving into the taboo and feasting upon the flesh of man, not unlike the Wendigo, or skinwalkers. The power of the Ravenmocker does not come from this ritualistic cannibalism, but from a connection to that which lies beyond the veil of Death. Infeed, devouring human hearts only maintains a physical presence, anchoring the unearthly into a vessel for the Other Side. Lessons of Vampirism, Heart Chakra Autocannibalism, Therianthropic Trance, and Dilitriomancy are among the many that meditations upon the Kalona Ayeliski can provide. Seek them near the dead and dying the old the sick and the vulnerable. They stalk not unlike the shape shifters; their true form can only be seen by their victims and exceptional sorcerers. Their presence incites fear, primal and irrationality. Let paranoia be your guide. Follow the eyes that watch from the shadows.

The TELOCH VOVIN / GRAVE GNOSIS Transmissions split will see release on Friday, July 27th on 12″ vinyl through newly-formed PlateXII Records. Pre-orders go live this Thursday, June 21st on the Summer Solstice. Watch for pre-order links and additional audio previews to be issued in the coming days.