Taking some much-needed downtime after two wild years on the road, The Gooch Palms spent the past summer relocating from Los Angeles, where they had been residing for the previous three years, back to their hometown of Newcastle to settle in for some songwriting and recording.

What a fruitful summer it turned out to be as the first tasty morsel from this creative session comes in the form of a two-minute-forty-second feminist punk anthem, Busy Bleeding. Busy Bleeding is poppy upbeat ode to “that time of the month” and does its bloody well best to help quash the old taboo around periods and shed some much needed light and a splatter of blood on the topic. With classic lines suck as “running red, dropping dead, I’m in pieces” and “second pair of underwear, what a burden” half the population can relate and after a few listens, the other half will at least get the picture of what we’re all dealing with here!

“For half our natural lives women are dealing with this and why it’s such a big taboo is beyond us. Let’s forget the polite secrecy and scream and shout about periods ya’ll!!! We’re all taught early on that periods are embarrassing and gross and boys are raised not knowing anything about it until they’re forced to go grab some tampons for their female companion or friend from the store and it’s like the whole world is ending. ‘I hope this guy at the checkout doesn’t think I’m buying these to stick up my butt!!!’ Classic! Let’s talk about it like it’s no big deal, then it won’t be!” explains Kat from The Gooch Palms.

When tossing up who they wanted to release the first of what is guaranteed to be many smash hit singles, The Gooch Palms couldn’t look past their old pals Dune Rats and Ratbag Records! Fitting in with their fun loving life choices it was the perfect match, as was getting fellow label mate, Kelly Jansch, from TOTTY, to feature as a guest vocalist on Busy Bleeding.

Kat adds, “It’s one big happy, wait no happy isn’t a big enough word, F#CK-OFF ECSTATIC, family at Ratbag. We are so stoked to be working with the boys on this single and much more further down the track… and having Kelly sing on the track was absolutely perfect! The choruses needed an extra boost and Leroy didn’t want to sing a song about something he can’t experience so he took a step back and let Kell take the reins and the result was like POW! – There it is!!!!” 

The release of Busy Bleeding comes just in time for fans to get a few listens in before The Gooch Palms hit the road with their other 420 loving mates The Bennies for their “Natural Born Chillers” Aussie tour as well as a few other appearances around the country including GOMA and the Beer & BBQ Festivals! So go take an earful of Busy Bleeding and get ready for 2018 to be officially known as “YEAR OF THE GOOCH”!