Invisible Oranges is now streaming Oblivion, the devastating closing track to Secret Cutter‘s looming second LP, ‘Quantum Eraser’, as the Bethlehem, Pennsylvania-based hardcore sludge/grind trio prepares for the album’s release in just over two weeks.

“Their music is a seamless amalgam of sludge and grind, less a pastiche and much more a soupy, syrupy, homogeneous ooze, at all times raw and abrasive,” Invisible Oranges posts of Secret Cutter’s output, noting of Oblivion itself, “As the only song on the album exceeding four minutes in length, it is a behemoth compared to all that precedes it.”

Secret Cutter discloses of the track, Oblivion is, for lack of a better term, the grand finale of our second LP ‘Quantum Eraser’. It is the last and heaviest song on the record. Musically, the song was written as a funeral march. The song addresses taking the wrong path til the end, caused by self-delusion and trusting the wrong people.”

Let Secret Cutter’s Oblivion out of the cage below: