2018 has been a VERY busy year for British metalcore’s Bury Tomorrow!

Not only have they been performing on some huge stages including Rock am Ring, Download AND Download France, they’ve also spent some time in the studio recording their fifth album ‘Black Flame’. Showing Bury Tomorrow’s first partnership with Sony Music, ‘Black Flame’ is set to release July 13th.

The first topic of the interview was regarding the excitement surrounding the upcoming release of ‘Black Flame’. After quipping “we’ve been sitting on the fully completed product for about two or three months; that’s been two or three months of pure anguish just waiting for it to come out!” vocalist Dani Winter-Bates went into greater detail:

“We’re just so ready for it to come out; it’s got to a point where we’re just itching to show our fans the full album and how it was intended for people to hear! The worst part of being in a band is when you’ve got a record ready, you’ve teased people with certain elements, the media have started to be able to hear it and we just want our fans to hear it now and see what their connection is with it!

Taking time to talk about the feedback that title track Black Flame and follow-up single Knife of Gold have been receiving, Winter-Bates was quick to proclaim “it’s been super positive on all fronts; we were very lucky to connect with fans on Black Flame, as that’s the song that really sums up the album for us.  We’ve actually tested both Black Flame and Knife of Gold live in every set we’ve performed over the last two weeks!  Knife of Gold was a song that we wrote to be performed in a live setting, as we knew 100% we were going to perform it live whether it was released as a single or not!”

With this being the first record that Bury Tomorrow and Sony have worked on together, this means that unfortunately ties with Nuclear Blast had to be severed. Winter-Bates made it clear that there was no bad blood between the two camps whilst delivering his answer:

“We reached the ceiling and we knew with this album we wanted to amp it up and connect with more fans around the world! Nuclear Blast served us well and they achieved their purpose by broadening us across mainland a lot, but we knew we had to connect with a worldwide audience this time; Sony just has more networks than anyone in the world! From that perspective, it just made absolute sense. We’d also met with the label bosses and they were perfectly fine with leaving us to do what we do best, which is write and record songs. At the end of the day though, it was a business decision made with our fans in mind instead of our pockets!


During the creation of ‘Black Flame’, Bury Tomorrow were setting themselves up to achieve a VERY high level. After going into great insight and explaining “during pre-production we ramped it up and spent a lot of time in the studio ripping songs apart; we hyper-analysed everything this time to make sure we had the best song! Our ethos for the record was that nothing was good enough. Whether it be simplifying/making a riff more or taking a chorus out and replacing it, we needed to make everything better.”, Winter-Bates also explained about how the band managed to almost reach full circle:

“We also got Dan Weller (producer of ‘Portraits’) back to do the production and over time, both parties have improved their talents so it was nice to get him back involved and have that kind of input! With Dan also being a great songwriter, we could also get his input into the inner workings of song-writing and melodies. That really pushed Jase from a melodic point of view, as usually we sat and rested on what Jase could do with his voice, but this time nothing there was good enough either!”

Taking time to speak with Winter-Bates on a more personal level, this interviewer wanted to know which song was his favourite to perform and why. This was met with a very quick reply of “for me, Knife of Gold is a real step-up, purely because it is the heaviest song on the album, bar possibly Stormbringer. I experimented a lot more with my technique on that song, with showing the highs and the lows of my range. What I’ve also been very lucky with is being able to perform that live; there’s always that worry, but it seems so comfortable now! I’ve worked massively on my vocal techniques and it’s a really fun one as it hyper-extends and shows off my range.”

Drawing the interview to a close, Winter-Bates gave a very professional but also secretive response to whether Australian fans could expect to see Bury Tomorrow for only the second time:

“It is a hard place to get to and a long way from home, but it’s an amazing market that we had fun doing and we’d never rule it out. We gained a few fans on the tour we did do and we’ve all been pushing to come back on this record! Now that we’ve got a campaign around it and press behind us, hopefully we can make it back down before too long.”