Bury Tomorrow are British Metalcore veterans and having 12 years of a career definitely gives you ample time to garner a reputation and certainly enough time to really hone your skills and know what it is you’re doing. After four previous albums, the band are set to release their fifth studio album on July 13th 2018 titled ‘Black Flame’. The band have been credited with having the ability to combine pleasant, atmospheric melodies and chugging heaviness and that sounds enticing so let’s get into it before this flame burns out!

Ushering us into the metalcore record is No Less Violent and it greets us with a soft, quiet buildup into some chugging hardcore guitar riffs and thundering drums. My first impressions of this song are that they’ve managed to smoothly and pretty excellently balance clean and screamed vocals which in metalcore is an important key element as too much of one can easily drown out the other. This song has smooth vocal melodies and powerful screams and the instrumentals are decent enough but not exactly unique. Thrashing in next is Adrenaline and as most songs that try to embody the feeling of adrenaline are it’s hard, fast and aggressive, a real heavy song and while this song accomplishes that it is still a pretty averagely good metalcore song. The guitar, bass and drums have a real looping thump to them and unclean vocalist Daniel Winter-Bates’ growls are really going at it.

Next up is the title track of the album Black Flame and let me tell you that this song along grabbed me immediately and piqued my interest about a band I had never listened to prior. The guitars and drums have interesting patterns and shredding riffs, but where the song shines is the overall melody of the song. It’s a heavy, catchy and satisfying anthem that features a unique almost kind of slurring screams, not only this but the chorus solidifies what is a fantastic and memorable titular song. My Revenge comes up next and it swells into the intro with a guitar riff, the beginning of the song and the chorus have a stark divide between them in that it’s like half the song is towing the line into post-hardcore. On its own, it’s a fairly average metalcore song with some cool riffs, but it definitely pales in comparison coming off the back of Black Flame.

More Than Mortals is the fifth song on the album and it’s a real strong point of the album. It features flurries of thrashing growls and chugging instrumentals throughout the verses and a surprisingly satisfying breakdown but what really sells it is a powerful chorus with an almost chanting vocal melody that delivers a strong punch and doesn’t disappear too quickly. Knife of Gold was the second single to be released on YouTube in the form of a music video, it begins with an ear-piercing screech and low guttural vocals follow after. There’s not too much to talk about on the instrumental side of things, but the song overall is probably one of the heaviest songs on the album, so fans looking for the most brutal and thrashing experience can look here.

Next up is The Age and it prominently features a guitar riff played on the higher strings throughout its entirety which helps to retain the songs melody. This song features that nice balance of clean and unclean vocals and it’s once again a pretty alright metalcore song. Interestingly titled Stormbringer comes out of the gates thrashing and screaming. Similar to Knife of Gold this song is one that listeners who want heavy and fast will definitely enjoy.

Second to last is Overcast and it begins with an intro that sets the tone and then interestingly slows down during the verse to feature screamed vocals almost on their own despite a subtle presence of guitar, this song does well to feature a variety of different vocal sounds and the chorus delivers a smooth yet satisfying hook. The final song in the album is Peacekeeper and clearly Bury Tomorrow wanted to end the album with an impact as this song has lots of thundering, fast-paced instrumentals and once again a great balance of clean and unclean. The verses are brutal and impactive and the chorus is catchy and mark a good end to a pretty good album.

The only real criticism I can give this album is one that may not be an issue for true fans of the metalcore genre. While I love the genre from time to time I’m personally very susceptible to feeling bored as it’s a genre that I feel is very hard to pull off well without sounding generic. While I’m certainly not bored by ‘Black Flame’ I do feel like it has its lights and darks, some songs are a tad on the generic side but they really do have some hits in there too and I think this has come from the band’s 12 years of experience as you can clearly see they’ve taken the best elements from the genre and capitalized on them, so props to the band for that.