Alternative Rock is one of the most unique genres out there, you generally don’t know what exactly you’re heading into, whether it be heavy, soft, poppy, techno or anything really… that’s why it’s alternative, good alt. rock takes you off guard and forces you to experience something new and that’s exactly what I expect to hear from Kill No Albatross’ EP ‘Speak True Evil’. Kill No Albatross are an Alternative Rock band hailing from Burlington, Ontario, Canada who cite Alter Bridge, Thrice, Fightstar, Deftones, and Fair To Midland as their influences, so I certainly have some high expectations.

This EP starts off with Seven Tools and immediately perks my interests with a really cool jungle beat from the drums accompanied by an awesome tapping guitar lick over the top. The rest of the band quickly join in to start off the first verse giving us a real upbeat and fast-paced song. Just before the chorus that same tapping guitar makes a return but with an almost 8-bit/malfunctioning effect on the guitar which was an excellent touch to kick into the catchy chorus. We also get a nice single note guitar riff and in your face drumming for the second verse. I think I can really hear some Myles Kennedy influence in vocalist Kyle Collins’ voice. To top this one off, the bridge takes a step back only to quickly build up into a kickass breakdown.

Next in line is Apex Predator this one is quick, straight to the point from the start with vocals full of attitude, especially in these awesome screams. There’s not much too really say about this one as while it’s a nice and catchy track I felt that it’s also very repetitive. Still a good tune though!

Sky On Fire slows the EP down a bit, this one is a soft and nice sounding song with acoustic guitar leading it. The vocals are much softer and smoother in this one with the tone really reminding me of Fair To Midland and the bassline in this is also simple but excellent. The emotion picks up about halfway through with some high-intensity screams.

Last we have Void and let me just say… did somebody order some wah with their guitar? Because this one opens with some super strong wah effects which are nice and fresh. You can most certainly hear the Alter Bridge influences in this one but with that being said I found myself hearing vocals that made me think of Asking Alexandria’s Danny Worsnop of all people, especially with the grit that is present in these clean vocals.

To wrap this one up I can happily say I quite enjoyed this little EP. Each song has its redeeming qualities, they’re all fairly catchy too, the only thing missing for me is uniqueness throughout the record, but with that being said… I love music that makes me think “What the hell did I just listen to?” but in a good way. I would definitely be keen to check out some more music from Kill No Albatross in the future, I just hope to have a bit more originality next time.