Sydney metal band Temtris have released the powerful single “Run” from their upcoming 5th studio album “Rapture” (out on 1 October 2018). The Temtris crew has yet again pushed themselves to reach new heights with this latest release: “Run” is a big song with twin guitar solos, speed thrashing double kicks, powerful bass and soaring vocals. The theme is running together with the metal pack and Temtris cannot wait to have the metal crowd up front singing along with their horns raised in the air.

Temtris is releasing the single on a limited 7 inch vinyl press with the B side having the song Paradise Road from the first sold out Temtris album, Threshold.

Temtris are a five piece act from the south of Sydney, Australia. They formed in 2000 and have released their albums “Threshold” (2003), “Masquerade” (2007), “Shallow Grave” (2014) and “Enter The Asylum” (2016). They have played shows all over Australia and supported Accept (GER) in 2014. Besides their current Australia tour, they are also planning to tour overseas in the near future.

Temtris are:

Genevieve Rodda – Vocals
Anthony Fox – Guitar
Nik – Bass
Youhan AD – Drums
Anthony Hoffman – Guitar