Ballarat is notoriously known for the Victorian Gold Rush which swept our Nation … and to be honest, that’s pretty much it. Until now! With their amps dialled to eleven, and their mining pans traded in for instrumentals of brutality, Upon World’s End are looking at putting a massive dint into the Australian Heavy Metal scene. Their EP ‘King’ recently dropped and it’s definitely something worthy of your attention.

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Upon World’s End Guitarist Kye Blomeley recently sat down with us and spoke about their EP, and everything that went into bringing it to fruition.

These guys are fairly new to the Australian Heavy Metal scene, so if you haven’t heard of these guys before there’s nothing to be ashamed about. The makeup that comprises Upon Worlds End are Chris Conroy (vocals), Brock Wing Jan (guitar), Blomeley (secondary guitar), Andrew Borg (bass) and Benito Martino (drums). Blomeley gave a quick summary as to who Upon Worlds End are (in his eyes) saying,

“We are a Heavy Metal band based in Ballarat, we bring deathcore and djent elements into our music to create something different and unique!”

Unique is definitely a word that is best used to summarise these blokes, who generate some brutal tones when it comes to their performances. Although fresh on the market, their EP has been in the works for a few years, and now that it’s released they’re sighing with a breath of fresh air! Blomeley said,

“We have been working on our EP for quite a while. The music is a collection of about two years or so, but the recording/mixing process only took about 3 months.”

Upon World’s End are influenced by a lot of local Australian acts, sighting particular bands in Thy Art Is Murder, Northlane, Aversions Crown, Carnifex, After The Burial, Oceano, The Acacia Strain, and Whitechapel. When it comes to their performances, you can definitely hear some undertones within their music from said inspirations. Further adding to the discussion of the EP, Blomeley touched on what drove them to bring this particular piece of work into the fold, saying

“What inspired us to make this album is purely the fact that we enjoy making music, we didn’t aim for anything specific. We just wrote what felt right!”

Although our time with Blomeley was brief, he managed to round the interview out with a potential spoiler into something that might be currently in the works! That’s right! He also touched on some upcoming tour information, so be sure to go check them out if you have the chance to do so! He said,

“We are always working on new material for future releases, maybe even something soon. As for shows, we have a few things in the works at the moment and a few dates locked in. Our next show is on June 22nd with Bury Me In Autumn, Arkeon, and This Life I Live at the Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar in Melbourne.”