DESTROYER ATTACK emerges from Guayaquil — the city of chaos and violence (this is where the name comes from) — in 2011. Ecuadorian guitarist El Muerto (Sierpes, Tanatofobia Productions) started off this venture with the intention to create ultraviolent and destructive music upon the demise of his previous band Bestial Rape. El Muerto was soon joined by Demogorgon (Ancient Death, Dark Forest) on drums and Carlos Murgueitio Roa on guitars. Upon spawning a split release together with the Chilean death/thrashing horde Ripper, DESTROYER ATTACK brought out two mini tapes before releasing their first album Ejecución En Nombre De Su Dios’ (English: ‘Execution In The Name of Their God’). Originally released via Tanatofobia Prods (Ecuador) in 2014, the debut was later re-released in die hard edition through Gate of Horror prods (Peru) in 2016.

DESTROYER ATTACK thereupon underwent a few lineup changes, but they keep invigorating themselves by releasing newer materials and touring locally and beyond the seas. Upon offering the mini album ‘Diabolical Ectoplasm’, they first joined forces with Argentine black/thrashers Vomit Of Doom and later with their fellow countrymen Indomitor for the split EPs.

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First overseas tour ‘Nekromantikal Tour Ecuador – Colombia – Peru 2016’ commenced from March to April 2016. In August 2016, they shared stage with the legendary Finnish troop ARCHGOAT in Lima, Peru. The following year, they got the privilege to support ANGEL CORPSE in the city of Guayaquil. El Muerto later moved to Medellin, Colombia and recruited new combatants in the lineup, a new abomination cycle has begun for DESTROYER ATTACK since then. Their next tour across Central and South America (El Salvador, Panama, Colombia and Ecuador) took place with this new lineup.

DESTROYER ATTACK is now gearing up to unfurl the sophomore album, ‘Solve Et Coagula’, to be released through MORBID SKULL RECORDS on July 13, 2018. Part of this album was recorded at the studio Nebuloza in Medellin, Colombia by Alvaro Alvarez (bassist of the legendary Colombian death metal band MASACRE), the basses were recorded in in Visperas of the Demon Study, El Salvador by the session bassist Morbid Miasma (of bands Disorder, Conceived By Hate, Morbid Stench). Upholding the raw sound, the opus conveys fiendish energy and barbaric uproar, directly descended from the antediluvian hellscape. Through twelve devilish tracks, DESTROYER ATTACK accentuates the fact that primitive sounding black and death metal will never be effaced by the dominance of modern metal acts.

Muerto – Vocals and Guitars
Engendro – Guitars 
Morbid Miasma – Bass 
Imperator – Drums

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