UK Metalcore elite Chuggaboom have started the process of bringing it home by adding huge riffs and their unique style to the 1998 hit by Baddiel & Skinner and The Lightning Seeds ‘3 Lions- It’s Coming Home‘ which is out TODAY! So strap in and wrap your ears around quite possibly, the greatest 3 Lions cover you will ever hear!

“The nation is in meltdown; it has been the hottest summer in a generation, Boris Johnson has finally fucked off and the country has sent out a search party out to find football because it was due home for tea a couple of weeks ago and it’s still not back.
England are only a single 12 yard death kick from hell away from sending the Croatian contingent back on the 6:25 Ryanair flight to Split. Football is coming home. Perhaps not today, but it will, and when it does, we like it a little more than we did when it left. Show the world…Let them know it’s coming home!”– Levi Taurus (Vocalist)