Headliners Sevendust along with supporting acts Versus Me and On My Six tore the roof off West Dundee’s sold-out RocHaus, leaving a solid impression on an unforgettable Wednesday night! The RocHaus is the former site of West Dundee’s Clearwater Theater, the hub for many local bands vying to make a name for themselves like the band Man the Mighty. Clearwater Theater would later cease to exist and in 2017 RocHaus would open, inviting well known acts, including Myles Kennedy, Otherwise and most recently From Ashes to New to perform. The popular venue has several more talented acts lined up, including Adelitas Way, Orgy, Local H and Soil to close out 2018.

First to the stage is Janesville, Wisconsin’s metalcore band Versus Me, delivering a mixture of heavy and melodic songs, including the emotive Left Here, the aggressive (A)Tension and their power progressive Real Life Monsters. Versus Me formed in 2013 with members Lee Milbrant, Dustin Hansen, James Milbrant and J.J Johnson. Lee talked about their early years on whether they’re hard or soft, the answer was given a combination on low toned singing followed by the guttural growls and high-pitched screams. Driving guitar riffs, humming and buzzing bass and riveting drums accompanied Lee’s vocal talent and when told caused the crowd to head bang to every song. Versus Me really kicked the show off and fired up the sold-out crowd in more ways than one, and it was only a taste of what’s to come.

Next up is the melodic metal band from Rockford, Illinois On My Six, the heavier of the two supporting acts with their fast-paced heavy-metal onslaught. Strident vocals paired with melodic choruses, heavy crunching riffs, in your chest bass riffs and punishing drum beats added to the metal attack. Performing songs off their EP, including “Bitter Endings Cause Constant Anarchy” and their newest single “The Waiting Game“, quickly grabbing the attention of the crowd. Vocalist Rick Soeprasetyo questioned what it meant to be a supporting act, describing how it’s not just playing their music but to rile up the crowd and prepare them for the headliners. In doing so he asks for the crowd’s participation in singing along to a heavier, more aggressive sounding cover of Breaking Benjamin’s So Cold. It pumped the crowd up even more as we contributed singing along to every word as Rick traded off singing duties between himself and the crowd. While performing their latest single their guitarist ran amongst the crowd while playing, On My Six ended their set with another amazing heavy cover. This time covering Rage Against the Machine’s hit “Killing in the Name Of“, again sharing the mic to sing along with the energized crowd.

To close the night Sevendust takes the stage packed with an arsenal of songs spanning their ongoing 20-year career that’s still going strong. As the band hits the stage, the crowd goes insane as the first song on “All I See Is War“, “Dirty” begins to play. The alternative-metal band formed in 1994 by Vince Hornsby, Morgan Rose and John Connelly, Sevendust added Lajon Witherspoon and Clint Lowery before releasing their Self-Titled debut album on April 15th 1997.

As the night progressed, Lajon called out the crowd to start up mosh pit as they began to perform Enemy and Trust. Bodies were tossed around throughout songs like the fan favorites “Denial“, “Waffle“, “Praise” and “Medicated” off their new album “All I See Is War“. The sounds of Clint’s and John’s rhythmic heavy riffs, along side Morgan’s vicious drumbeats, Vince’s melodic deep bass and Lajon’s powerful voice echoed throughout the RocHaus. Throughout each song, Lajon, Vince and Clint would interact with the crowd each one reaching out to the crowd and during the song “Thank You” Lajon got a little assistance from a fan in the front row with singing.

Sevendust ended the night with an encore song “Face to Face“, giving fans another reason to mosh but more importantly another reason to remember this night. After their set, they stood there applauding and thanking the fans, those who have been around like myself and those who are newer how great Sevendust is both musically and personally.

To say that tonight’s sold-out concert was great is an understatement, awesome too cliche´ and amazing is just boring. I’ll have to say tonight’s show was one the best I’ve gone in some time. It was an unforgettable night full of non-stop metal with unrelenting force. I’ve followed Sevendust since their debut album and always thought one day I would see them live. Be sure to catch Sevendust as they go on tour with Clutch starting in September followed by a few shows with All That Remains in December.