New Mexico black metal solo artist Daniel Jackson is streaming Given Unto The Water at Indy Metal Vault, the opening track off his upcoming album ‘Death Is Peace’.  Working under the name Void Ritual, Jackson has recently founded the digital label Ipos Music, which donates all revenue to causes benefitting LGBTQIA+ people and people of color.

Called “impressionistic,” “deeply melodic,” and “primal” by critics, Void Ritual’s music pays tribute to the second wave of black metal while expanding in new directions with song structure and lyrical themes.  Jackson says of “Given Unto The Water,” ” The song is a representation of things I’ve begun experimenting with: softer sections, keyboards, unique drumming patterns within a black metal context… The words describe a sort of ritual sacrifice, in which my throat is slit with my head held underwater. In my mind, this represents the intense struggle and anxiety, followed by an eventual release and then empty nothingness.”

Ipos Music is releasing ‘Death is Peace’ on August 3rd, 2018 and will donate all proceeds to the Coalition To Stop Violence Against Native Women.

Stream Given Unto The Water HERE and Preorder ‘Death is Peace’ HERE!