Smear Campaign is the first single from ‘Lowlands’, the fourth LP from New York City-based ZEVIOUS. The band, featuring members of Dysrhythmia, Sabbath Assembly, Many Arms, Smother Party, and others, will release the album through Nefarious Industries in August.

‘Lowlands’ marks ZEVIOUS’ first effort for Nefarious Industries and offers a subtle change in direction from their previous two releases. On Lowlands, the band explores a hypnotic and more streamlined rhythmic approach while maintaining their abrasive edge with influences ranging from new-wave and 20th century composition to doom and black metal.

Smear Campaign was one of the most challenging songs to develop for this album,” the members of ZEVIOUS issue of the track. “Whenever we play this one, we feel like there are a lot of opportunities for the song to derail. When we got into the studio, we felt like it finally clicked, and all the parts came together. We poured a ton of energy into the performance and the song seemed to come alive in a way it hadn’t before.”

‘Lowlands’ will see vinyl and digital release via Nefarious Industries on August 17th; find preorders at the label webshop and Bandcamp below. Watch for additional previews of the album, live actions in support of the album, and more to be released in the weeks ahead.