Electronic-infused industrial duo SKYND are back with their second single ‘Gary Heidnik’ — out now.

Gary Heidnik is the second track from their upcoming EP, ‘Chapter 1’. It details the real-life crimes of Gary Michael Heidnik, the American murderer who kidnapped and tortured women while holding them prisoner in his basement in Philadelphia.

The single enlists the talents of legendary Korn frontman and avowed true crime aesthete Jonathan Davis. The track, which merges a dark industrial soundscape with dehumanized vocals, is available now at Apple Music. Get it here.

The accompanying video for ‘Gary Heidnik,’ created and directed by TallyHo!, takes visual cues from classic horror movies — it’s full of suspense, gore, and a guest appearance from Davis.

On working with Davis, the band said, “We were delighted that Jonathan Davis wanted to be a part of ‘Gary Heidnik.’ Working with him was an amazing experience and we are excited that the song and video are finally seeing the light of day.”

The debut Chapter 1 will be released August 15 and will also include the previously released single “Elisa Lam” and unheard track “Richard Ramirez.”

SKYND is the dark creative outlet and alter ego of its lead singer, Skynd, and longtime producer and multi-instrumentalist Father. ‘Gary Heidnik’ was produced at Studio 301 in Sydney. SKYND write songs and take inspiration from inexplicable and brutal criminal cases and the mystery surrounding unsolved deaths.

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Explaining the music, Father said, “The music picks up this concept of the boundaries of humanity perfectly. That’s why her vocals are so defamiliarized. You can tell this is a human being, but it sounds grotesquely inhuman. Listening to these tracks, you should feel like you’re in a tiny room and the walls are closing in from all sides. In her lyrics, SKYND is the perpetrator and us as listeners are cornered victims. Nobody can escape this kind of dynamic.”

SKYND represent the next level of aural immersion, intermingling sound, visuals, and a warning worth heeding. Explaining the concept behind the music, SKYND said, “All human beings are capable of cruelty and we have to keep the inner animal in check. We’re here to provide a different perspective on the psyche to maybe answer some questions.”

Pre-order your copy of ‘Chapter 1’ HERE