All Metal is close to my heart and always has been. Old school Thrash Metal is something I used to have a great love for but kind of let go of somewhere along the line, never fully, but just a little. With so much brilliant and raw talent in the local Thrash scene of Brisbane right now I have recently rekindled my love affair with Thrash so when I saw the opportunity to review this album I jumped at the chance. 

San Francisco’s Hatchet began their quest to make a name for themselves in the Thrash Metal scene back in 2007. They gigged hard and released their debut album ‘Awaiting Evil’ not long after in 2008. This was followed by ‘Dawn Of The End’ in 2013 and ‘Fear Beyond Lunacy’ in 2015, with the latter getting some subpar reviews. 2018 sees the release of their latest album ‘Dying To Exist’ and in my opinion is their best album so far. The band themselves have said this album is their fastest and most creative to date. Released on the 22nd of June via Combat Records it is full of the high energy, heavy riffs, faultless vocals and that hard hitting thrash sound fans have come to expect from this talented 4 piece band. The band is vocalist Julz Ramos, guitars from Ramos and Clayton Cagle, bassist Devin Reiche, and drummer Ben Smith, these guys really work together to create some kind of magic for our ears with this album. 

The album opens with a short instrumental track sounding much like some classic Iron Maiden. Next is Unraveling Existence; this track hits us hard in the face with nonstop fast paced drums, guitar and all the high energy that continues throughout the entire album. From the very beginning of this album I feel like all I want to do is go see Hatchet tear it up live on stage. An album that makes me desperate to go see a band live is an immediate winner for me. 

Next up is a stand out track for me on the album, Silent Genocide. With the high pitched vocals from front man Ramoz piercing my ears I am keen for more. Desire For Oppression is up next, the clip for this track is on YouTube for our viewing pleasure and shows the band in the studio recording the track, showcasing their talent and passion for their music. The guitars stand out in this track with riffs making me want to play air guitar along with them. Honestly every track seems to just get better. By the time we hit track 4, Illusions of Hope, the group vocal and harmonies when the band yells “Illusions Of Hope” throughout the song gives us that true Thrash sing along feel.  Warsaw is much heavier with some kick ass riffs and again with the well delivered harmonies. Where Futures Regress is up next and the bridge in this track is perfection as it then rolls back into the heavy riffs. Final Sanctuary has some amazing guitar work too, really showcasing the pure raw talent from the two guitarists that make Hatchet such a heavy riff filled Thrash machine of a band.  Descent Into Madness is another stand out track for me with the heavy, melodic, tight and faultless playing and vocals creating that classic 80’s sounding Thrash Metal that Hatchet have become so well known for. The last track, World in a World finishes the album nicely and seems not quite as hard hitting as the rest of the tracks, almost winding us down after our ears have been attacked by a good session of well played songs by the magic that the guys created with this album. 

To be honest every track is a stand out for me, I loved the album from start to finish and it will be on high rotation for some time. This album really covers all the things I want from a good Thrash Metal album. 

Get your copy of “Dying To Exist”, which is out now, HERE!