New Jersey-based progressive metal quartet Etherius recently announced the release of their stunning new instrumental progressive metal EP, entitled ‘Thread of Life’, out August 24, 2018. The impressive new five track offering is available for pre-order via Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play via the links below. You can also stream select tracks now via Spotify.

Today, Etherius launched part one of a three-part behind the scenes video series detailing the making of ‘Thread of Life’. Exclusively hosted by Gear Gods, each part will highlight drums, bass and guitars individually. Part one, featuring drums, showcases recording and interview clips with drummer/producer Zaki Ali. Watch part one here:

In the video, Zaki Ali says, “When I start to analyze a song for any band or project I’m asked to play for, there’s always this question of ‘how much does the artist want me to play what they wanted?’. The coolest thing about this was that Jay was like ‘do your thing’, and really just gave me the freedom, so to speak, to interpret what I wanted to with the melodies… that’s probably the best thing an artist can say to a drummer, because it really allows the drummer to translate the drum parts properly.”

Stay tuned for parts two and three detailing the recording of guitars and bass on ‘Thread of Life’.