Between stints alongside Circa SurviveProtest The Hero and Dead Letter Circus, manic monsters He Danced Ivy have concocted their new single Guillotines; a raging tear that pulls at the borders between Rage Against The Machine and Avril Lavigne.

After spending years together and months in the studio, He Danced Ivy share an almost psychic bond; Guillotines was created by jamming everything and anything together.

Guillotines is kind of our Frankenstein’s Monster track. It really naturally fell together with pits and pieces of riffs and ideas that we had lying around.” said bassist, Mitch.

And we slapped a big o’l Avril Lavigne chorus in the middle,” said vocalist, David Cheney.

Lyrically, the track takes on a more structured beast; bruised egos and hilarity.

We thought it would be great to center around the idea of being thrown out of a pub and trying to drunkenly explain your way out of a quickly escalating high stakes misunderstanding.,” said guitarist, Sean Rudner.

“Sure, their band name may be kinda silly but always remember: never judge a book by its cover because sometimes there is some really good shit to be found within those pages.”
Alex Sievers – Killyourstereo