VENUES talk about producing their new album ‘Aspire’ and the first two singles


After their most recent EP helped elevate German sextet Venues onto people’s radar, they are gearing up to release their debut album ‘Aspire’ via Arising Empire or SharpTone Records. Taking time out of the whirlwind and chaos leading up to the album launch, the interview with dual vocalist assault of Nyves Krithinidou and Robin Baumann opens with Krithinidou expressing “I think I’m pretty excited for the release, as well as curious about what people will think about the album.” Baumann chimes in with “to all the old fans, we’re happy the day is finally here; to all the new fans, welcome aboard!” before delving into how fans reacted to teaser singles The Epilogue and Ignite:

“When we premiered The Epilogue, it was released via YouTube channel Dreambound and it had quite a big impact here! It received very positive feedback, especially from the older fans that enjoy the heaver stuff. When we released Ignite it was quite different, as it was the first song where we changed our style musically; we were really curious about how fans would react, but it’s turned out great! A lot of people have approached us and mentioned not only do they love the new direction, they were waiting for us to reach it.”

When asked about whether any issues arose during the creation of ‘Aspire’, Baumann happily quipped “whilst we didn’t have any big hassles or problems in creating everything, it was always tricky trying to shoot the music videos.” which got both band members to chuckle. Baumann then points out “we are spontaneously shooting a video for Nothing Less this weekend, which has caused a few problems as our video guy has a few timing problems due to another big project. Plus one of our band members is unable to attend, so we’ll have to find a way to cover it up and still make it awesome; this just proves how much of an adventure creating a music video is!”

‘Aspire’ was worked on by a name that post-hardcore fans may well recognise; not only did Annisokay’s Chris Wieczorek record, mix and master the album. Giving an insight how this eventuated, Baumann points out “he actually contacted us via Facebook when we released our first EP, saying that he’d love to work with us! He believed he knew how we should sound, as well as being able to improve a lot of stuff. We said yes as we’re huge fans of Annisokay and their music, plus this was back when we were first starting recording Ignite. Heading into the studio was an amazing experience! He was such a great guy and we were so happy with the final result of the mixing/mastering that we decided to do the entire record with Chris.”

Chris Wieczorek also makes a feature appearance on Fading Away and Bauman continued the great insight as he explained “when we went into the studio the last time for the last five songs, we were actually thinking about having a feature with Chris. We gave him free reign to pick which song and he ended up wanting to do a vocal feature on Fading Away; he also became part of the music video!”

Up until this point Krithinidou had been relatively quiet, but she really opened up when describing how “Belonging is my personal favourite song. Not from a musical perspective, but from the feelings, the thoughts and everything I put into the creation process. It’s a very personal song. Constanin usually writes all the instrumental parts and then passes it over to me, so I think I was the first person to hear it. I absolutely loved it, plus it bought out strong emotions in me which I tried to put into words; I got the feeling I wrote the lyrics for my youngest sister, as I have a really strong connection to her! We are really alike and share a lot of thoughts/experiences, so whilst writing it for her I was also seeing my younger self in her whilst writing it.”

Even though Baumann was less expressive with his response, it was no less touching as he quipped “my personal favourite would be My True North, as the whole song has a very personal meaning to me. I wrote my vocal parts together with my best friend, so it just gives the song that extra meaning. It gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it, as its pure magic to me!”

The personal insights didn’t stop there as both members touched who on their favourite band to have supported is. Baumann opened up first, claiming “that would have to be The Devil Wears Prada; I listened to them a lot when I was younger and we had the chance to support them when they played in our home town! It was a sold out club and they played a great show, so it was just a fantastic night.” before Krithinidou took us on a hysterical trip down memory lane:

”Mine was Adept about two years ago, but the story starts a few years before that at one of their shows. I may have been more than slightly drunk whilst attending a concert and I told them “the next time I see you, we’ll be playing together”; they had a bit of a laugh as we were a young unknown band back then. It just so happened that the next time we met the guys, it was at a really big festival and we were playing together! It goes to show that I hold my word and I was really proud to play before those guys.”

The final topic of the interview was about Venue’s plans for the rest of the year. Baumann drew the call to a close as he stated “at the moment, we’re trying to play a lot of shows and a lot of tours; the next big festival we’re playing is Summer Breeze Open Air in Germany. It’s a huge step for the band, as it’s the biggest festival we’ve ever played! After that, we’re heading out with our good friends Disaster Kids in September, as they’re taking us out on the road to four big cities.”

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