This Brisbane-based alt-rock/ grunge 4-piece, Vesper Green, have just wrapped up their first East-coast tour – playing shows in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane – and to celebrate they are dropping their first follow up single since their debut, ‘What Will I Wear’, out July 27th.

Hear ‘What Will I Wear’ below:

Much like the first release, ‘What Will I Wear’ show the band blending their influences between the 90’s rock of Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam, to sounds of 2000’s from Seether, but it all amalgamates to something new, exciting but reminiscently familiar.

The intro starts out with only drum and bass, followed by distorted guitar harmonics wailing over the top which leads into the main guitar lick. Dropping the dynamics for the verse, front-man Nick – with his husky vocals – opens with the lyrics “What will I wear, when Jesus comes to take my mugshot” – setting the tone for this brash number. Nick Ashby states:

“It’s a song about concentrating yourself on living hard and fast to the point where you are pushing yourself so far that you don’t even realise how close you are to possibly losing your life, hurting yourself and those around you.”

Typically for a second release, there are bands out there trying to show the scope of their music. Vesper Green aren’t here for that, they are here for heavy rock and grunge and they plan on delivering on that each and every time. They know what they are here to do, which is to bring guitar-driven music back.

Although they’ve just finished their first East-coast tour, Vesper Green, show no signs of slowing down with this new single and intend on keeping up this momentum that is building around their brand of rock.

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Stream ‘What Will I Wear’ out July 17th HERE!