To mark the ten-year anniversary of the release of their debut self-titled album, Hell City Glamours have dragged out the master files, sent them back to Alan Douches at West West Side Music to get rejigged, and then pressed them onto shiny, black vinyl for your aural consumption.

From the ballsy punk ‘n’ roll of One Night Only and Josephine, the lightly countrified bluesy stomp of songs like Flying Away and Worst Kinda Man, this record drips with the passion of four guys making music for the love of it. The band wrote the record at a time when it wasn’t cool to have long hair or play the kind of classic rock that they helped to drag back to the fore.

The Glamours departed the stage for the last time four years ago, leaving behind a swathe of destroyed riders, stages and crowds across Australia and the USA and a myriad of fans worldwide.

Hit up to pre-order one of the various packages, and before you ask – no, they’re not going to tour again, sorry!

The album will ship early October.