Review: DESCENT – Towers Of Grandiosity


Descent’s long awaited debut album is on its way and it is going to blow your mind. Relentless and brutal it’s a nonstop bliss ride for your ears from start to finish.

Descent are by far one of my favourite bands from Brisbane right now. I caught them play live earlier this year when they supported Melbourne’s gods of Grindcore, King Parrot at The Back Room in Brisbane. They honestly blew me away. They truly tore up the stage and I was an instant fan from the moment they played the first song in what was an awesome and brutal set. In my opinion they were the best support band that night and I enjoyed their set as much as I enjoyed the headliner which is a big call! Needless to say I have been eagerly awaiting the release of their debut album; ‘Towers Of Grandiosity’ and I have certainly not been disappointed.

Death Metal mashed with Grind, Hardcore, Black Metal and a little bit of Punk thrown into the mix, Descent are by far a stand out in the local Metal scene and anyone you ask about them replies with “Oh those guys? Yeah they are f***ing cool!” Descent is made up of members from Scumguts, Coffin Birth, The Fevered, Siberian Hellsounds and From These Wounds. They have really made a name for themselves since the band started back in 2015.

First up is Stain, this track is like a brutally hard punch to your ears from the second it starts. The first thing that catches my attention is that hard hitting drum beat that makes my heart pump harder and gets me excited for what’s to come from the rest of the album.

Track two Skinwalker is the first single to be released from the album, this track is aggressive and relentless from start to finish. It is like a whirlwind of faultless hard hitting high energy vocals, guitars, bass and drums that combined make me weak at the knees from the sheer perfection that has been created by this super talented line up of musicians. You can hear strong influences from bands like Nails and Dismember on this track.

Confined is one of those tracks that has a bridge that makes you sigh in the sheer brilliance of it, that moment when the track slows down ever so slightly then picks up again is a thing of beauty. Sliding straight into the next track Foundations Of Sand and this one hits you like a hard slap you weren’t expecting. Here is where I hear the Grind sound similar to King Parrot; this track is hectic, so fast, heavy and hard with vocals on point.

Then just to mess with you a bit the next track slows right down for a minute with an instrumental. Sicut Superius has a much more melodic Death Metal sound and rolls us straight into track six, Chameleon has a hard hitting heavy bass line which is something I really dig. Not to mention the screeching, squealing guitars at the end that adds to my love of this track. The last two tracks Sic Inferius and Hindsight are just as brilliant as the rest of the album and to be honest when the last track ended I was gutted it was over so immediately played the whole thing again.

Descent‘s Towers Of Grandiosity will be released on September 1st through Redefining Darkness Records. Until then you can stream the single Skinwalker exclusively from No Clean Singing. The album will also be available on Spotify, Bandcamp, etc as well as on CD in the near future.

Listen to Descent via Bandcamp HERE