Roadhouse are in my opinion one of Brisbane’s best classic old school Rock and Roll bands right now and let me tell you, these guys really know how to rock! I saw them play a gig over a year ago and have been following them ever since. I was extremely keen to check out their latest EP and it is honestly even better than I expected. Roadhouse have really gone from strength to strength and they just keep getting better!

With Chris Byrne on lead vocals, Doug Eustace on guitar and vocals, Dan Nembach on bass and vocals and Anthony Trudgett on drums and vocals, These four talented musicians can not only rock your socks off but they look the part too, all four of them bring it on stage and Chris is one of the most energetic front men I have seen in the local scene for some time. Rock and Roll is not dead and it never will be if bands like Roadhouse keep creating the magic they have created in their latest offering. Triple Shot is a three track EP and will be officially released on August 3rd with every track being mastered brilliantly by Studios 301. Crank it up loud because that is the only way to listen to such a rocking EP. Triple Shot is the bands second release after releasing the equally as cool Walking Tall EP in December 2017.

The EP opens with Take A Seat “Take a seat this rounds on me…” Roadhouse serves it up so well. This track takes me to a Roadhouse gig in my mind, I can just imagine seeing them play this live, whisky or beer in hand, rocking out hard! The guitar in this track is crazy sexy and a perfect display of Doug’s talent. Roadhouse bring super high energy, heavy riffs, wicked bass, hard hitting drums, rocking vocals and an all round good feeling to every show they play and they have created those same things with this EP.

Track two, My Elixir, singing about the girl of their dreams and I am quite sure a lot of girls would love this track to be about them. The group vocals in this track as with every track are so on point. Track three Long Live Rock And Roll is classic Roadhouse style with the lyrics “We want Rock and Roll, We need Rock and Roll, We Breathe Rock and Roll, Music it feeds my soul, Damn right….…Long Live Rock And Roll…” sums it up brilliantly to be honest! Music feeds my soul too guys and I am so glad it feeds yours. The film clip for Long Live Rock And Roll is to be released on Sunday the 29th of July. The clip is brilliantly done. It is funny and witty and shows the fun side of the band, showing that not only can the guys rock, they can also act.

Bands like Roadhouse are like fuel to the fire with my passion for the local talent we have here in Brisbane and in Australia. The music scene is booming and Roadhouse are a perfect example of why.

Pre-Order your copy of ‘Triple Shot’ out August 3rd, HERE!