Get relief from the heat wave (if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, that is) with this cold and rainy lyric video, Black Storm, by the melodic death metal group Aeolian.

This is the first lyric video off their upcoming debut album, ‘Silent Witness’, to be released on September 12 by Snow Wave Records.

From the sunny island of Mallorca, Spain, this environmentally oriented melodic death metal group mix their blackened death metal with some death thrash and folk elements.

Inspired by the beautiful nature on their home island, their lyrics address the fears of conserving natural diversity and the threat humans as a species pose to the habitat.

The debut album Silent Witness has been produced by Miguel A. Riutort (The Unity, Cryptopsy, The Agonist, Hirax).

The cover artwork has been licensed from Kilian Eng (Concept artist for Disney, HBO, Marvel, Red Bull, Sony, The New York Times etc.)

The name Silent Witness takes its meaning from how nature cannot speak for itself.

Every song on this album has been written from the point of view of nature.

Vocals – Daniel Perez
Guitars – Raúl Morán
Guitars – Gabi Escalas
Bass – Toni Mainez
Drums – Alberto Barrientos

You can pre-order the album HERE.