Unholy Baptism has returned with their long awaited sophomore album, ‘Volume I: The Bonds of Servitude’. Produced, mixed, and mastered at Black Goat Studios in Flagstaff, AZ, the album has improved on virtually all aspects of the band’s debut, ‘On the Precipice of the Ancient Abyss’. The album is the first instalment in a trilogy the band is writing, exploring new themes and songwriting techniques. Staying true to their black metal roots, ‘Volume I: The Bonds of Servitude’ has cemented the band’s signature USBM sound while bringing a more polished production to the table.

Mantus, the band’s lead vocalist and bassist, said of the new release:

“The album is the beginning of a trilogy exploring the unrepentant darkness of the human condition and the inconceivable power of the gods deep within the farthest reaches of the universe. This album explores the human consciousness and the opening of the mind to the vast, overwhelming power that exists outside of this terrestrial prison.”

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