Brighton four-piece BLACK PEAKS have dropped their brand new single “Electric Fires.” The band’s Adrian Bushby-produced (Muse, Foo Fighters) second album All That Divides arrives on October 5 through Rise Records.

Listen to “Electric Fires” here.

“‘Electric Fires’ was one of the first songs we wrote for All That Divides, and was one that had a few live outings towards the end of the ‘Statues’ tour,” frontman Will Gardner said. “The song, in many ways, is one of our most straightforward. Lyrically, the song is a bit of a sarcastic comment on the beliefs of certain conspiracy theorists — Flat-Earthers, etc. Essentially, we just had fun with that idea, and wrote a song about how our alien forefathers came here from Mars at the dawn of civilization to build the pyramids, which, of course, 100 percent totally happened. Stay woke, kids.”

1. Can’t Sleep
2. The Midnight Sun
3. Electric Fires
4. Aether
5. Across the Great Divide
6. Home
7. Eternal Light
8. Slow Seas
9. Fate I & II

Gardner further discussed All That Divides, saying, “Lyrically, at least, this album represents the fear of a future where freedom is restricted. Over the last two years, we as a band have been incredibly lucky to have been able to travel accross Europe and play our music. The fact this happened to take place during a period where various political changes, at home and abroad, made us focus a lot about the freedom and right to travel. We have seen people, families, relationships, and countries divided by conflict and political upheaval, and our reaction to this is a core lyrical theme running through the album.”

All That Divides is the follow up to the 2016 debut album Statues, which was universally acclaimed, saw the band play-listed on Radio 1 with “Saviour,” and tour across Europe with the likes of Architects, Mastodon, System of a Down, Prophets of Rage, and Dillinger Escape Plan.

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