Kaerulean will be releasing their latest offering ‘The Orwellian Dream’ EP on Friday the 10th of August via Truth Inc. Records. Hailing from Brisbane, the band formed back in December 2011 and released their first single Jaded Angel in 2012. That was followed by another single release Sanctimoniuos Sacrifice in 2014 and two LP’s, ‘Adrift’ in 2015 and ‘Metempsychosis’ in 2016. Kaerulean are a five piece Death Metal band of talented musicians with Adrian Pagano on vocals, Blake Neverov and Amber Rea on guitars, Ben Davies on drums and Travis Hagstrom on bass.

You know you are going to have to strap yourself in for quite a ride when an EP starts off as brutally hard and fast as this one does. Track one, The Human Conditioned kicks in with an aggressive modern punch you in the ears Death Metal sound and flows nicely into that Progressive, Symphonic rock that the band are so well known for and then back again. The lyric video is available to watch on YouTube and this is definitely a perfect track to open the EP with. Kaerulean really do have a sound of their own combining different genres of Metal to create a sound that is brilliant to behold.

Track two, Subterfu has some heavy shredding guitar work with a nice mix of clean and aggressive vocals. These guys really know how to combine the two to make a song flow to perfection. This track is both hard and soft and through that we are treated to a magical journey of all the feels that the band creates with this awesome track.  I think with some Progressive Death Metal bands sometimes this sort of mix can come off sounding messy and it just doesn’t flow right. Kaerulean are a perfect example of a band that does get it right and they deliver songs that are by no means messy. I feel with this EP they have really perfected their art.

Track Three, Machiavellian Candidate definitely has a Thrash Metal sound going on with the hard and fast shredding guitars and progressions throughout the song. Ending with an echoing sound that fades out then stops abruptly; this track is the stand out for me. The awesome new film clip for this track was released this week via Overdrive and is up on YouTube now for your viewing pleasure. I feel like the oil in water effects in the clip are a perfect reflection of the bands way of mixing Metal genres to create something beautiful.

Next is the final track, Perception Lost. This track has a heavy focus again on the clean vocals and they are delivered well. Parts of this track remind me of Meshuggah and I can definitely hear an influence there. The Artwork for this album is really impressive and really deserves a shout out too; it was created by Remy Cuveillier at Headsplit Design in Paris, France.

‘The Orwellian Dream’ will be available for purchase via the bands Bandcamp both digitally and on CD on August 10th with pre-orders available now. Kaerulean have a gig coming up at Crowbar in Brisbane on the 16th of August supporting Psycroptic and playing alongside Archspire and Hadal Maw. After listening to the new EP I am even more excited to catch them on stage along with this awesome line up.  Kaurulean are offering a great deal on their Bandcamp where you can pre-order ‘The Orwellian Dream’ on CD in a package which includes a ticket to this gig as well.

You can pre-orderThe Orwellian Dream’ HERE!