Brisbane’s newest export, Of Misery, are gearing up to release their debut EP, ‘Black Noose’ this coming Friday 10th August, and vocalist Charley Watson sat down to talk about the record, its underlying themes and the beginnings of his band.

“The band originated in the start of 2017, and I was actually the last member to join the band,” Watson started, “Each member has come from a musical background, from the old punk/emo to a heavy metal background. I found out about the band through Julian Lang, our bassist. He brought me on board and I tried out for these guys. Their genre back then was more of a deathcore band. I wanted it to be heavier, so I came up with the concept of making a band that’s nice and heavy, and that argues pretty emotional topics.”

Earlier this year, lead guitarist Andy Barker parted ways with the band and his role was soon filled by Dan McLuckie. “It definitely made a bit of an awkward situation for Dan, because, with Andy being the lead guitarist, he remembered all the hidden notes and lead parts in our songs. So, with his absence, we had to relearn from scratch. Obviously, Dan can’t be Andy, but he does his best with picking up on notes and trying to take us home with his lead guitar.”

While the band’s debut EP is only days away from release, it has been a project they’ve been working on for some time. “It’s been in the works pretty much since the band started. All that we were missing was a title. With our songs, we were just putting pieces together and thinking, ‘this is quite nice and heavy, it’ll go well in a song about X and Y.’ It’s been long in the making. We actually recorded it in January, but only got it all back semi-recently.”

The record deals with some dark themes, along the lines of depression, bullying, suicide, drug addiction and more, which proved to be challenging when having to dig deep for the lyrical content. “Most of our songs are personal; about me growing up,” he shared, “It’s hard trying to dig deep in a sense where you don’t get too personal. With our lyrics and our topics, we make it so it can relate to everybody. The best way to show that is creating the songs as they are. We make the songs for ourselves and hope that people can relate and understand.”

The eponymous lead single, Black Noose, was shared in early July to rousing reviews. “The feedback has been really good, man. Compared to the first song we ever brought out, Immortal, late last year, Black Noose is way different. We’ve had heaps of positive feedback about how angry it is and how raw it is. I’m more excited to show the world the rest of the EP, because it gets better from there.” The song itself stems from Watson’s youth, where he was constantly bullied by another kid in his neighbourhood. “I think it’s something that’s stayed with me my whole life. It’s a memory that I’ll never forget. Like any kind of villain in anyone’s life, there are things you wish you could’ve done back then as a little junior, but you couldn’t do anything about it,” he revealed, “As well, bullying is a massive situation in schools these days. It’s hard to deal with and hard to sort it out, especially being an adult now.”

Channelling those difficult memories into a song is empowering and cathartic in a way for Watson. “The way I write the lyrics is thinking about what went through my mind at the time and the things I wanted to do in those situations. Black Noose describes the emotions I felt while being bullied, and, it is a bit extreme, but what every kid who’s been bullied wishes they could do back to their bullies.”

Their first ever track Immortal was a standalone single, a way of introducing the band to the world. “There’s a massive leap structurally in how the songs sound,” he stated, comparing Immortal to Black Noose, “Topic-wise, Immortal is about being depressed and trying to deal with that, but it also brings… we’re not a religious band, but it brings a religious kind of concept into the song. A sort of disownment, you could say.”

To celebrate the release of ‘Black Noose’, the band is playing a show in their hometown. “For the launch, we’re playing a show in Brisbane at the Morrison Hotel in Woolloongabba. We’re releasing the EP that night, as well as playing it in full. There are heaps of heavy bands playing with us. We’re supporting Brissy band, Wraith, along with Gutknife, Isolation and others. It’s gonna be awesome!”