Formed in London in 1986, Axegrinder arrived as the ongoing post-punk melting pot began to conjure ever-heavier new hybrid strains of the hardcore punk and underground metal scenes that were still only a few years old. Following in the groundbreaking footsteps of peers like Amebix and Sacrilege, the band swiftly established themselves as one of the most musically adventurous and hair-raisingly intense bands the UK had to offer. Recently, Axegrinder has just released their full length album “Satori”

61803398875″ is simply an intro track that really sets the mood for this album. It features the alluring, yet alarming, voice of a women, preparing you for what is to come. The track to follow is “Halo (Snakes For Breeding)”This is a heavy track with deep, bassy undertones and gritty guitar distortion that matches the distinct tones of the vocals. The grain of this track is a common theme in the style of Axegrinder that carries out through the album in its entirety.

“Rain” begins with the sound of a storm that gradually fades into the first opening guitar riff. This track has a bit of a groove to it when compared to the previous tunes. It also introduces some melodic vocals in the break down, which is lead by the bass. With a sinister laugh and some nice ‘chugging’ guitar riffs we are lead into “The Unthinkable”. The tone of this tune is of course very metal, but it is in this track that we really start to recognize the punk influences more distinctly. It has a hypnotic type of feel to it as well.

“Over” starts off with some synth-like effects and heavy bass licks, which are consistent through the entire track. This track as a little bit faster of a pace than the other tracks as well. It gets you to the thrash area of the metal subgenres but it also features some breakdowns throughout and some clean vocals, unique to this track. “The Hurting” opens, once more, with the bass leading us in. The bass licks here are more groove and progressive this time rather than leaning towards the doom side.

We arrive at the title track of the album-“Satori”. It has a bit of a bounce to it and really gets you moving. This track give a voice to Axegrinder’s attitude being: “The sound of despair turning to defiance”. The next track “Under The Sun” is a powerful metal track carried by the voice of punk. It brings the combination of the genres to a head in Axegrinder’s style. The heavy grinding rhythms carry us to the next and final track- “Too Far From Home” which starts off with clean guitar and bass. This bleak tune is short and sultry; it sort of reminds me of a track you might find on Metallica’s “Ride The Lighting” if they had had a vocalist with more of a punk influence. Elements found in this track are found throughout all of the previous ones. Heavy and gritty, but it balances out with elements that lean more into the doom style side of metal. This track finishes out with more female vocals, which makes a full circle to the beginning track, which if you remember was a female who had taken us gracefully into the album.

Over all, Axegrinder has combined the worlds of punk and metal and turned it into their own unique blend of music. You can feel it as much as hear it: the sound of crust-punk, scabrous and bleak – a soundtrack for the slow, painful disintegration of society and perhaps even humanity itself. “Satori” is an album full of attitude, grind, and brutal content that is sure to be an excellent fit into your metal collection.