The Death Metal supergroup Sinsaenum will be making their way to Australia for the first time in November, with two exclusive shows in Sydney and Melbourne thanks to OVERDRIVE TOURING. The band features current and former members of Slipknot, Daath, Mayhem, Chimaira, Heimoth, Loudblast and last but not least, DragonForce. Frédéric Leclercq, bassist for DragonForce and guitarist and co-founder of Sinsaenum, explains why it’s so exciting to be bringing his Death Metal act Down Under.

“This is a first for us, because we couldn’t tour for the first album. We really wanted to, but we had scheduling problems. So this is very exciting because we get to tour together for the first time, so that’s already exciting in itself for us, to be together for a long time, and to get to be on stage together. We’ve been working on the setlist, which of course includes songs from the new album, but also the EP ‘Ashes,’ and from the first album ‘Echoes of the Tortured.’ That’s the cool thing. Because we haven’t done a tour for the first album, we can have a nice proportion of every album, because it would be dumb just to concentrate on the new one. And because the music is very raw and the new album has that more in-your-face approach, less atmospheric and whatnot, I guess the stage performance and show will be a reflection of that. We’re not going to come with f*cking dwarves breathing fire and f*cking blood dripping from the stage.” He gives a wry chuckle. “We’re just going to concentrate on delivering a raw, evil, Death Metal, Black Metal kind of vibe. That’s what you guys have to expect. But we’re very, very excited to tour for this album, and to tour with Sinsaenum in general.”


It’s not the first time Leclercq has come to Australia of course, as he’s already ventured Down Under several times with DragonForce. “Last time I was in Australia was actually the first time I did a ‘shoey,’ in Canberra,” he recollects with a laugh. “That was my birthday, or the day before my birthday to be precise. I love going to Australia, because as much as I’m from the North and I like when it’s cold, and I don’t like to talk to people – therefore ‘Repulsion for Humanity’ comes from that, this is not a gimmick, this is how I feel; but I can’t help but notice that when you go to Australia, everybody is nice. It’s not just like a myth, everybody’s so relaxed and chill. And I’m not sure if you guys overdo it on purpose,” he muses, “like ‘Oh f*ck, those guys are coming from somewhere else, we need to put the Australian mask on,’” he adds with passably nasal Australian tones through his French accent. “This is actually something that always strikes me, people are very chill, and I always have a great time there. I do have some friends in Australia, some dear friends. Okay, cut the bullsh*t, I love that, but just remember that something I can’t stand is my fear of spiders. Every time I go to Australia, even though I have a great time with people, and we do gigs and everything’s great, and the fans are great, you guys have f*cking spiders the size of my hand, and I can’t sleep that well because when we go to the hotel I have to check f*cking everywhere that there’s no huntsmen, or f*cking wolf spiders, or f*cking funnel webs – f*cking Sydney spider,” he growls, almost audibly throwing his hands up in exasperation. “So that’s the big issue. That and the sharks and the scorpions and the serpents and the f*cking everything,” he adds with a laugh. “But other than that I love Australia, and I’m really, really happy we get to play Australia on this tour because it wasn’t 100% sure. We were trying to build the tour, but what we do is Death Metal, it’s not that popular, but we managed to play places that really love it. So we’re doing Japan, which is my favourite country in the world, but also we get to play Australia because I was like, ‘If we go over to Japan, I would f*cking love to play Australia, we’ll have a great time. Can we make sure this is happening as well?’ But in a nutshell, awesome country, f*ck the spiders.

“All I wanted was to make a perfect Death Metal album according to my standards of what Death Metal needs to be,” Leclercq muses, reflecting on Sinsaenum’s debut album ‘Echoes of the Tortured.’ “I knew in my head I wanted to sound like a mix of Morbid Angel, Pestilence, Bolt Thrower, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, and of those great bands, and then put a bit of Black Metal like Mayhem, put a bit of that in there, shake it, and make it sound the way I want. So that’s what I wanted to do, and I guess I also had to prove myself, because coming from DragonForce and people knowing me for that only, and not knowing that in fact I love Death Metal and I’m a guitar player,  I really had to prove myself. So I guess I wasn’t as free as I have been for the EP ‘Ashes,’ and definitely for ‘Repulsion for Humanity,’ so if anything that album is less chained. There’s more freedom. I’ve got nothing to prove any more, now I am in the evil music artillery so now I can express myself without thinking maybe the mix should be like this or that. I guess that was the attitude, I do what I want. And now that I know who is in the band, I guess that also influenced me to write in the way that I’ve been writing stuff, and also they’ve been here to work on the arrangements and stuff. That also helps to define an identity, more than on the first one.”