Words and Photos by: Eric Pefley

Panic! At The Disco performed a sold out show at Key Arena in Seattle last night. I was not sure what to expect going to the show, having never seen them before. There was a countdown clock on the stage that ticked down to the start of the concert and when it hit zero, Key Arena exploded like I have never heard before. The roar of the crowd shook the building to its core. At that point I knew it was going to be a great night.

I am not even sure where to start with this review. A quick synopsis, one of the best light shows I have ever seen, incredible stage set up, amazing sound, a piano that flew around the arena, pyrotechnics, a dynamic front man in Brendon Urie and I could go on and on. This concert had it all. Add that to a crowd that was singing along to every song and you have the makings of a night to remember.

Urie came out swinging, opening with two top ten hits in (F**K A) Silver Lining and Don’t Threaten Me with a Good Time. The first song coming off Panic’s most recent album, “Pray for the Wicked”. The arena was alive with energy and excitement. Urie appeared to be having the time of his life while performing. His smile and the passion he puts into his performance is a joy to watch. His ability to sing rock, pop and even sound like an old school crooner like Frank Sinatra was impressive.

There were so many impressive moments during the show. His performance of Hallelujah was inspirational and sung to perfection. An earlier classic Nine in the Afternoon was another highlight in the first half of Panic’s set that was full of them. The show consisted of twenty-eight songs, covering music from every one of their six studio albums. Another big hit that had the crowd in ecstasy was Death of a Bachelor. Urie took to the crowd for this song, doing some selfies and saying hi to some lucky fans. We were half way home, but so many more highlight were to come.

Urie covered three ballads in the last part of the set, and all were special. Urie now in the back of the arena jumped onto a platform with a beautiful while baby grand piano. He started with the Bonnie Raitt cover I Can’t Make You Love Me. The entire crowd singing along. The piano went high into the air and was slowly flying towards the stage. Urie then continued into the song Dying in LA. The combination of these two songs was breath-taking. All of this while on a flying piano! This was a big time arena show, that pulled out all the stops.

Another cover Urie did, was a song made famous by Cindy LauperGirls Just Want to Have Fun. He mentioned he became friends with Lauper while performing Kinky Boots on Broadway and dedicated the song to her. At one point during the night, he gave a very heartfelt thank you to the crowd for being there and how much he loved performing for them. It felt very genuine and the crowd roared its approval. There were so many moments like this during the show.

As we were coming close to the encore we had another cover to get to. This one being what has to be one of the hardest songs to sing that has ever been recorded. While playing the piano, Urie sang Queen’s massive hit Bohemian Rhapsody. You have to have guts to take that song on live, in front of a sold out crowd. It did not phase Urie one bit. He absolutely crushed it. I was truly left in awe of his immense talent to sing in so many different varieties.

The set finished with another monster hit, Emperor’s New Clothes. After twenty-five songs, you would think the crowd would be worn out, but no! They wanted more, and they got more. Urie came out and gave us a three song encore of all huge hits. He sang Say Amen (Saturday Night), I Write Sins Not Tragedies and Victorious. And with that, one of the best shows of the year had come to close. This is one of the can’t miss shows of the year! It was truly an amazing night and I feel lucky I was there to enjoy the show.

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