Wildheart are Brisbane’s melodic hardcore sweethearts and they are about to unleash their latest offering in the form of their new EP ‘We Are’ which will be released on August 31. I spoke to Adam Finlay, guitarists and part manager of the band, about how it all started for Wildheart.  “We first sort of came out on the scene around early 2015. Axel and myself played in another band for a couple of years and basically that band had its time and we wanted to keep playing music. We found Kerry, I had known him for a while and he was keen to start a band. So we just started jamming and put out our first EP ‘A Thousand Days’ and it really was just kind of like ‘let’s just write some music and see what happens’ and that is more or less what we are still doing! But we have kind of just refined our sound a little bit more.”

The name Wildheart suits the band so well. They are extremely passionate about their music and their lyrics are heartfelt and sometimes quite emotional; often addressing topics such as one’s own inner feelings, anxieties and depression. I asked Finlay about the origin of the name.  “It was the first name that everyone didn’t hate. We had written and recorded everything and the last thing that we couldn’t put together was a name. There was heaps of different stuff thrown in the air and ‘heart’ got thrown around a lot and ‘wild’ was in there somewhere and then one day one of the dudes was just like ‘Wildheart?’ and we were all like ‘yeah that sounds kind of cool’. I guess, like our music is kind of emotional so the heart thing… I don’t know… it was just the first thing that we kind of all sort of agreed on and we just rolled with it. Yeah, I think as well like something that it didn’t really commit to any particular genre. Like, you sort of hear it and we could be a country band for all you know but the music kind of speaks for itself.”

The latest single We Are is also the title track from the upcoming EP. Finlay reflects on what the meaning is behind the song.  “It is essentially about… it is kind of written from the perspective of someone kind of in our own age group I guess you could say. Just kind of how we as a group we are in a kind of sort of pressured position by the powers that be. It’s not necessarily an age thing, it could be an issue of race or sexual identity. There is just this overwhelming sense of oppression coming from the higher powers in the world and the systems we are bound to. A lot of our stuff has always been very personal and it has been about dealing with anxiety or depression or something like that, but We Are kind of took it a step further and it was worldly and circumstantial like ‘why do we feel this way?’ Because of this reason… The title of the EP is ‘We Are’ and it is meaning like ‘we are the people’. We connect to it on a personal level and we hope that the people that listen to the song and the EP do as well.

“The rest of the EP is pretty similar; sort of dealing with our own personal issues or things that are going on in the world. Everything that we have written lyrically, whoever has written the lyrics, it has always come from somewhere personal or something that has affected them. We are just trying to put it in the most real way possible.”

The band has some awesome gigs lined up, including a charity gig next weekend at Crowbar in Brisbane. Crowbar Brisbane, Hobbledehoy Record Co, Team Glasses and Swim Down Stitches are putting on ‘Crowbar Black – A Benefit For Support Act’. It is focused on raising money and awareness of depression and its impact in the Brisbane music scene; an extremely important topic and issue that is not spoken about or addressed often enough. “Biggest gig we are doing post-release is Bigsound, which we are super psyched to be part of. But in the week leading up to our release we are also going to be playing a charity gig at Crowbar. I believe the organisation that it is partnered with is especially for musicians dealing with depression and for people working in the industry. Then I think we have one more show lined up late September with Listener. Then we are looking at getting ourselves back down to Sydney and Melbourne before the end of the year.”

The film clip for We Are is brilliantly done. Finlay enthuses about how happy they are with how it turned out.  “We are massively happy with the film clip for We Are. We worked with our good friend Dan Ramsey, who has primarily been doing photography work but he approached us and he said ‘look, I really want to get into doing more videos’ and he was really keen to shoot. So we were like ‘cool, we are going to need some video clips’, so he pitched us his idea for it. It sounded great and it was exactly what we wanted. We just wanted something that was just pure performance just to capture the energy of who we are and just something that was really intense and vitriol and he smashed it! We will definitely be working with him again.”

There are big things happening for Wildheart. Finlay goes into what the future holds for the band.  “I think ultimately, the next thing will be writing more music, just creating more songs and obviously playing as many shows as possible in Brisbane. Also trying to get ourselves out there; out of Brisbane as well and back down south and potentially back to north Queensland as well, and other places we haven’t been to, just trying to get our name out there.

“I am at this point just focused on getting through the last couple of weeks of getting the EP sort of premiered and stuff like that and getting it out and letting people hear it and kind of just letting that creative chapter of my life go on and then focus on the next thing.”

Wildheart’s EP ‘We Are’ will be available to purchase on the August 31 and is available for pre-order now:  https://gyro-stream.lnk.to/weare

Upcoming gigs:

24th & 25th August: Crowbar – Crowbar Black – A Benefit For Support Act – Brisbane.

4th -7th September: BIGSOUND Festival – Fortitude Valley – Brisbane.

27th September: Black Bear Lodge with Listener (USA) – Brisbane.