Every once and a while a band will release an album that blows your mind. It might be a different style of music, something with a more classic sound, or even a combination of both. That is exactly what we have here. Black Mirrors on August 31st via Napalm Records will be releasing, “Look Into The Black Mirror.” It is a fascinating album that combines so many different kinds of rock and metal music, that they really end up with their own unique sound. The first listen of this album let me know I had discovered something pretty special.

The album starts with one of my favorite song titles, Shoes for Booze. A nice drum opening from Edouard Cabuy that is slow and deliberate starts the songs off. When the guitar riff kicks in, it is raw and almost has a bit of that 70s doom metal feel. When Marcella Di Troia‘s vocals roar to life, that is the moment you know this is going to be an incredible album. Her grungy, 70s hard rock, industrial doom metal vocals reach into your soul. In all honesty, I do not know how to describe that incredible voice she has. All I know is it blew me away. The song ends with some absolutely blistering guitar by Pierre Lateur. His riffs and solos fit perfectly with Marcella‘s voice.

The second song on the album has been around for awhile and was on their EP. Funky Queen has such a great opening, that it makes you love the song right from the start. Then the bass guitar really kicks in from bassist Gino Caponi. This song has such an incredible pace to it, you feel worn out after listening to it. This sounds like a classic rock radio song that would have been played a million times back in the days when radio played good music. The classic hard rock sound of this song is not something you hear on albums much anymore and it is a shame!

As we move through the album we come to Moonstone. This song start very mellow, with some haunting background vocals. Marcella has dialed down the vocals on this one, but she still sounds great. The guitar riff chugs along with that raw feel. The atmosphere of this song is very moving. The song is hard for me to describe and is best left to the listener to experience. Luckily there is a video right below, that will allow you to feel the power of this song and the amazing feel it has.

Next up we have the polar opposite of Moonstone with the song Gunther Kimmich. A fast paced drum beat starts us off on this song with some bluesy feeling guitar. This song is racing forward from the start. We are back to Marcella‘s brash vocal style and she is just killing it. Her voice even has a little bluesy feel to it from time to time. The chorus in this song really drives it home. Lateur‘s guitar is tearing this song up throughout, with great riffs and little guitar parts thrown in all over the song. This is one of my favorite songs on the album.

Burning Warriors is another song that comes out swinging. The guitar carrying the opening of the song this time. It does a great job in setting the tone for the song. The riffs are deep, raw and powerful. You can feel the guitar in your gut. Marcella starts out with a bit of a sultry feel on the vocals. She has some great screams in this song as well. I like the way this song is very raw in places, but in others it mellows out quite a bit. The song has a bit of everything in it. There is a ton of great guitar work on this song as well. The guitar solo is long and very rewarding to listen to. Lateur really shines on this song, and the long guitar part in the middle is a good representation of his immense talent.

Please check out the videos and give Black Mirror‘s ten track LP a listen. This is an album that needs to be heard. It is rare when an album is released these days that stands out by being different. Sometimes that is a good thing and sometime not so much. What we have hear is an incredible release, that changes hard rock / metal for the better. It is an album that amazes and inspires all at the same time. I have no doubt this will be one of my top ten albums of the year.

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