You want synths? You want heavy riffs? You want one of the most driven and insanely ferocious performances you’ll ever catch in the flesh? If that’s a yes to all three, then Japanese metalcore quintet Crossfaith have got you covered from top to bottom, full circle.

Who are Crossfaith?
Kenta Koie – Vocals
Terufumi Tamano – Keyboards and Vocals
Kazuki Takemura – Guitar
Hiroki Ikegawa – Bass
Tatsuya Amano – Drums

For those that not only appreciate a strong wave of belligerent music packed with a fistful of distortion, but also a number of electronic bangers from the likes of Pendulum and The Prodigy, Crossfaith are the perfect amalgamation to satiate your needs. When it comes to their own gigs, Crossfaith have the capacity to turn a moshpit into a rave at the exact same time. Their fused sound of Slipknot and Skrillex on all five studio albums, and their live performances have all received high regards from critics from all over the world. They’ve been considered as favourites for festivals such as Download, Leeds & Reading, and even Australia’s now-defunct Soundwave.

While their first two records “The Artificial Theory for the Dramatic Beauty” and “The Dream, The Space”, their international recognition sparked greater in 2012 with a European tour and their EP “Zion”. Afterwards, Crossfaith went on to release two more monstrous albums in 2013 and 2015 entitled “Apocalyze” and “Xeno”. Now that their fifth and latest achievement “Ex_Machina” has just been released to the world, the Osaka representatives are still going haywire across the globe, and are intending to keep their systematic chaos going at full velocity.

Debuting in Australia in late February, 2013 at the Soundwave Festival, Crossfaith were given the responsibility as one of the first bands of the event to inoculate everyone with enough vitality and momentum for a big day of heavy music, mosh pits and excessive headbanging turned whiplash. Since then, Crossfaith have been in high demands for Australian festivals and other national appearances, including past support slots for headlining shows with In Hearts Wake and Bring Me the Horizon. And now, with Crossfaith outranking many in the universal bourgeoisie of metal and hardcore, they’ve solidified their position as not just as a festival favourite to millions of fans worldwide, but also as an important ensemble to the 21st century of heavy music and the shape of metal to come.

There may be a variety of bands at this year’s UNIFY that can attract plenty of attention, but, not many of them can stand out quite like the Osaka locals themselves. There’s more than just innovation and fortitude to a group’s panache, whether it be onstage or in the studio.  If any festival had to rely on one act to really perpetuate the exuberance and party vibes, you can bet every cent you own that Crossfaith would be every festival’s go-to guys for this circumstance.

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