Words by Manuela Salazar

Photos by Nicole Smith-Walker

Movements’ debut Australian tour hit off with its third stop last night in Melbourne, and the crowd gathered at the Evelyn Hotel undoubtedly witnessed an unforgettable show delivered by the California four-piece and their local Australian supports. With a stellar four band line-up, the night was set to be a spirited one from the moment doors were opened and the ticket-holders began to trickle into the venue.

Kicking off the show to an already populated room, Better Half brought up the energy in and successfully maintained it as the audience grew with every minute. Unsurprisingly, a huge amount of people were present to support these Melbourne-based rockers, and they were not left disappointed by the show the first band of the night put on. Vocalist Christopher Vernon confirmed the amount of support they had by posing the task to the crowd of putting their hand up if they’d heard of Better Half, to which he was greeted by about the quarter of the people present raising their hands. These statistics were certainly evident, as the pit at the front of the room never once dissipated in the presence of Better Half, and took in everything they had to offer with enthusiasm. By the end of the set, Better Half were farewelled from the stage with a big cheer from the crowd.

Ambleside followed suit, with strong vocals and instrumentals from the start as crowds began to pack the place even more than it already was. Their songs ranged from slow and fast-paced tempos, which kept the element of surprise and entertainment active for the crowd. The same crowd of people seemed to be congregating at the front, and hands in the air paired up with nodding heads as fans of Ambleside screamed back the words to the songs being performed. More and more head-banging could be seen around the room as the audience began to gear up for the headliners. Before Movements took the stage though, one more band had to perform, a Newcastle five-piece whom Ambleside’s vocalist Daniel Stevens proudly states that they’ve been touring with since their formation.

This Newcastle five-piece, known as Eat Your Heart Out took the stage, completely sucking in the energy from the room and spitting it back out a million times stronger. Front-woman Caitlin Henry interacted with the ever-growing crowd, singing fan favourites like Conscience and even a cover of Sweetness by Jimmy Eat World which the crowd contentedly joined in to sing along. At this point, it became hard to weave between the crowd, as the final attendees began to slip inside the venue to catch the final moments of the last opening band on stage. Altogether, Eat Your Heart Out’s pre-headline show got the audience even more pumped for Movements and most definitely earned them a number of new fans from the present crowd.

Finally, the moment everyone was here for drew the crowd closer to the stage, gathering around the very front as Movements stepped out and started their first sold out show in Australia. Hitting off with 3rd Degree and moving through a well-picked setlist, Movements got the best reactions from tracks such as Colourblind and Nineteen. At one point, vocalist Patrick Miranda mentioned that he’s been told that Melbourne is known for having wild shows, driving his point by also calling out that, “If that’s the case, prove it.” The audience didn’t disappoint, showing just exactly why Melbourne’s earned that reputation. The energy could be felt from the front of the stage all the way to the back of the room, and it didn’t take long for crowd-surfers to take over, pulling a well-known Evelyn move and occasionally hanging from the roof rafters just to confirm Miranda’s comment about Melbourne shows. Even after the final song of the setlist had been played, the band was forced to return for a special finale of Protection after the crowd chanted loud enough to get what they wanted. The show ended with a grateful goodbye from Movements, and the audience’s satisfaction could be felt buzzing through the room.

There’s still six more shows of this tour left, and I highly recommend that you don’t miss out on seeing any of these bands. If you are looking for a night out full of pop-punk and energetic, crowd-grabbing sets, then this is the tour just for you.

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