By Ellie Bozzi

Aussies are stoked to see the new wave hardcore boys Turnstile join the wonderful Unify 2019 lineup. After touring the country three times in the past three years, Australia continues to show their love for the band and excitement to attend a great punk show.

Meet the band:

Brendan Yates – Vocals

Brady (B-Rady) Ebert – Guitar

(Freaky) Franz Lyons – Bass

Daniel Fang – Drums

Formed in 2010 in Baltimore, Maryland, their debut EP, ‘Pressure to Succeed’ hit the stores in 2011, followed by a second EP, ‘Step 2 Rhythm’ in 2015, reflecting their development as a group. Their first full length album was exposed to the world in 2015, and in 2016 Turnstile started hitting charts with their third EP titled, ‘Move Thru Me’. The sensational record hit number 19 on the hard rock albums chart and 14 on the Billboard Heatseekers album chart.

The band’s 2018 album, ‘Time & Space’, released through Roadrunner, triggered heaps of hype, changing the hardcore game and its norms and contributing to the experimentation of sounds this year. The album has hit many charts including The Rolling Stone and Billboard’s ‘50 Best Albums of 2018 So Far’, and Revolver’s ‘25 Best Albums of 2018 So Far’. Their most recent video combining songs Bomb and I Don’t Wanna Be Blind from the album was dropped only a few weeks ago, directed and shot by skate legends Atiba Jefferson and Ty Evans.

“It’s not as much about taking over the world as it is to create a world that you can feel good in”, vocalist Brendan Yates explains about the team’s goals. Turnstile have played an insane amount of shows, including a bunch of big name music festivals worldwide.

They’ve toured the US countless times, alongside bands including New Found Glory, The Story So Far, Title Fight and Basement. Throughout 2018, Turnstile have hit music festivals across the states: Rock on the Ranges, Carolina Rebellion and Welcome to Rockville, just to name a few.

Hitting the likes of Spain’s Resurrection Fest and France’s Hardcore Fest and Hellfest, the hardcore outfit are truly taking the world by storm. They’ve also played Copenhell in Copenhagen and Outbreak Fest in Leeds so far in 2018, and will continue to take the world by storm at Unify 2019.

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