Brisbane post-punk outfit Sleepwell have returned with the music video for their cathartic new single “Acreman“; a desperate call for the memory of a lost friend, driven home by the anguished vocals of Casey Ford.

Acreman is the first part of two songs, written through last year and the year before, intended to help understand and portray personal grief, both songs reflect on the struggle to accept the death of a loved one and how pivotal that experience can prove to be in a young person’s life,” said Casey.

Pulling from more somber experiences to write “Acreman“, the track shows a solid progression for Sleepwell.

Drawn from softer and steadier influences, “Arceman” is an emotive and balanced song driven by personal lyrics and is the first real ballad the band has worked on together,” said bassist, Tayla Ellerby.

The track combines sad aggression and a modest drive that is true to the band, both in sound and structure showing we have reached a higher level both as songwriters and musicians,” says guitarist, Rhys Hilton.