La Dispute are America’s passionate and poetic Post-Hardcore sweethearts. They are a perfect example of a band that is made up of a mixture of genres and sounds including but not limited to Post-Hardcore, Experimental Rock, Emo and Pop Rock all blended together  and taking us on a journey with the poetic lyricism of spoken word.

Forming back in 2004, they have had a few small lineup changes over the years. The current lineup includes the king of spoken word, Jordan Dreyer on vocals, Kevin Whittemore and Chad Morgan-Sterenberg on guitars, Adam Vass on bass guitar and Brad Vander Lugt on drums. Dreyer and Vander Lugt are cousins and the others good friends. Derek Sterenberg was one of the original guitarists before being replaced by his brother, Chad in 2006. Adam Kool was the original bass player and was replaced by Vass in 2007.

The band started out playing local shows in their home town of Michigan before releasing their debut EP ‘Vancouver’ in 2006 via Friction. In 2008 they released the album ‘Somewhere at the Bottom of the river between Vega and Altair’ through Allegro Corporation and No Sleep Records. This was followed by ‘Wildlife’ in 2011. In 2011 they also released a split EP ‘Never Come Undone’ with Indie/Punk band Koji. Both ‘Wildlife’ and ‘Never Come Undone’ were released through No Sleep Records. In 2014 ‘Rooms of the House’ was released through Better Living/Vagrant/Workhorse Music Group/Workhouse Records. In 2015 ‘Tiny Dots’ was released via Better Living and a reissue was released in 2016 via Vagrant.

La Dispute are about to release a 10 year anniversary edition of ‘Somewhere at the Bottom of the River Between Vega and Altair’ which is currently available to pre-order from their website and will be officially released on November 9th. The band has come a long way from back when they first started working on this album. They spent their time after school or after work practicing in Dreyer and Vander Lugt’s family hardware store and when they had songs ready would head to a friend’s house down the street to record the tracks. Weekends were full of playing small town shows around their home town of Michigan. This beautifully angst-ridden and brilliant album written by a bunch of talented guys in their teens and early 20’s was the beginning of something great and little did they know then how far it would take them. In this new release they have worked hard to keep the spirit of the original album combining that with some of the things they have learned over the past 10 years, making this an album you simply must own if you are a true fan.

Australia has been blessed with quite a few visits from La Dispute over the years. The last time they were here was back in June 2014 to celebrate the release of their third full length album, ‘Rooms Of The House’, touring through Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane. La Dispute appeal to all ages and on the last tour they played a mix of 18+ and under age gigs making sure all fans got to experience their magic despite their age.

Fans will be over the moon to have La Dispute returning to our shores to join the line up for Good Things Festival in December.  La Dispute are story telling hard rockers that create an energy like no other. When Dreyer belts out his lyrics, delivered through his mix of distinctive clean vocals, screams and spoken word he creates an energy and musical experience that you feel deep in your soul. The band plays with passion, aggression and commitment to their performance and they are guaranteed to blow your mind at Good Things this year. Be sure not to miss them because it would be a huge gut wrenching loss if you did!

Good Things Festival is brought to you by Destroy All Lines and we are so glad to have this festival in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. It seems festivals are making a comeback in Australia’s capital cities and it’s about time they did. Good Things Festival is such a treat for music lovers and festival goers with a line up so good it has punters drooling and pumped for the three December dates when the festival will rock our worlds. With bands like La Dispute, The Offspring, Dropkick Murphys, Stone Sour, Babymetal, Bullet For my Valentine, All Time Low, The Smith Street Band, WAAX and so many more it is going to be a festival to remember. Good Things commences in December, starting with Melbourne on Friday the 7th then to Sydney on Saturday the 8th and finishing up in Brisbane on Sunday the 9th.

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