Good things are undoubtedly coming downunder in the form of The Used, who will be joining the already stellar lineup of Australia’s newest summer music festival, and bring with them a performance that the East Coast should be eager and prepared for.

The origins of The Used trace back to the beginning of the millennium, when the brain baby of a band was solidified in Utah in 2001 after vocalist Bert McCracken auditioned for the band, and joined guitarist Quinn Allman, bassist Jeph Howard and drummer Branden Steineckert to create their first demo. This demo album acquired them a record deal in 2002, and once their debut self-titled release was put out for the world to hear, there was no turning back from the widespread buzz it generated and the gold certification it earned.

Their subsequent releases only contributed to the band’s growing success, and the following decade was packed with tours, festival appearances, seven critically acclaimed studio albums, two EPs and two live albums. While there were some lineup changes that saw drummer Branden Steineckert depart from the band in 2006, as well as guitarist Quinn Allman in 2015, the band has undoubtedly retained their vision regardless of the alterations. Current drummer Dan Whitesides joined the ranks in 2007, and after a momentary appearance by Justin Shekoski between 2015 and 2018 as the band’s new guitarist, Joey Bradford has now also linked in as the present touring guitarist.

The Used have been defined as everything from emo, to post-hardcore, to alternative rock, however it is evident that irrespective of a labelled genre, the band’s renowned ability to incorporate elements from other genres into their sound is something that has made them stand out musically since their first releases. From jazz influences in their 2007 album ‘Lies for The Liars’, to hip hop and RnB sounds in their 2012 record ‘Vulnerable’, all the way to the use of an entire choir for their latest 2017 release of ‘The Canyon’, The Used is without a doubt, a band that has never been pleased with simply fitting into a cookie cutter image.

Not just musically, but as a whole, The Used are well-known for not sticking to the status quo and being outspoken about their beliefs, philosophies and principles. Delivering powerful performances and creating music about imperative topics such as the agonizingly traumatic death of loved ones, mental health issues and suicide, addiction and becoming sober, as well as always delivering a penetrating judgement about what is currently not right in the world and how it can be ameliorated, the band’s involvement in activism is a perfect reminder that punk attitudes are positively not dead.

The Used and their remarkable live-shows are two things you do not want to miss out on seeing this summer, so if you haven’t yet, make sure you secure your ticket to Good Things Festival now!

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