Death metal band CRUCIBLE OF HATE are now streaming the entirety of their new album Dark Metamorphosis at Drunk In A Graveyard. The album is set to be released on Sept 15th 2018.

Listen to the album HERE

Crucible of Hate are a new name of old faces. The band members have roots stretching back into the 90s Ohio metal scene, from black metallers The Conquering through thrashers Skullbomb, to melodeath in The C.O.A.S.T. After laying groundwork in 2016, the band lineup firmed up and they started writing in earnest for their début album, Dark Metamorphosis, which they are now readying to release.

Crucible of Hate are:
Dave Miller – drums
Donny Phillips – guitars
Dan Rivera – vocals, bass
Pete Rensch – guitars


1. The Hell Inside
2. Devouring All
3. Disenthrall
4. Enigma
5. Death By Fucking Annihilation
6. Callous Hand of Justice
7. The Crucible of Hate
8. Transcendence
9. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Nothingness
10. Termination of the Narcissist

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