Hitting our shores for the first time in 2018 for Good Things Festival, Palaye Royale are a 3 piece art-rock band formed in Toronto, Canada, but now residing in Las Vegas, Nevada. They are currently signed to Sumerian Records and are set to release their second album ‘Boom Boom Room Side B’ on September 28th.

Who Are Palaye Royale?
Remington Leith – Vocals
Sebastian Danzig – Guitar
Emerson Barrett – Drums

Originally formed in 2008 under the name ‘Kropp Circle’ by brothers Remington, Sebastian and Emerson, they changed their name to Palaye Royale in the summer of 2011. The name comes from the Palais Royale dance hall in Toronto, Canada, where their grandparents first met. They take their stage surnames from their middle names, as their surnames in real life is ‘Kropp’, where they took their original name ‘Kropp Circle’ from.

Palaye Royale draw as much inspiration from cinema and philosophy as much as they do their musical influences and each band member doubles as musician and visionary. The Pirate, The Vampire and The Gentleman quickly built themselves an extremely dedicated and loyal fanbase, affectionately dubbed Soldiers Of The Royal Council.

James Iha of The Smashing Pumpkins and Corey Taylor of Stone Sour count themselves of true fans of the band, having worked with them as producer, and taking them on tour respectively. Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens has also worked with the band, having provided his vocals for a guest spot on their song Ma Cherie. Their track Get Higher also featured in an advertisement for the Samsung Galaxy Note tablet, as well as the band themselves appearing in the advertisement.

In 2017, Remington leant his vocals to the lead character in American Satan, played in the film by Andy Biersack of Black Veil Brides. The film also features fellow Sumerian labelmate Ben Bruce of Asking Alexandria, acting legend Malcolm McDowell and Game Of Thrones’ John Bradley and is about a young rock band who sign a deal with the devil. Ash Avildsen, founder and owner of Sumerian handpicked Remington to provide the vocals for the character, and Andy Biersack invited the band on tour with his project, Andy Black.

Good Things Festival will be Palaye Royale’s first appearance in Australia, but if you want to see what their live show is like check out their YouTube series, ‘Royal Television’. Royal Television is their series that follows the band on their tours and day to day lives, and is currently detailing their experience on the last ever Warped Tour.

If you’re a fan of My Chemical Romance, The Dresden Dolls and Panic! At The Disco, then Palaye Royale are definitely worth checking out. Remington’s gravelly vocals compliment Sebastian’s exciting guitar, and Emerson’s energetic drumming and their live show is something to behold.

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