Esben and the Witch are a three piece metal band from Berlin, Germany, who describe their sound as “ancient music for primal visions” and they’ve just released their new track ‘Dull Gret‘ from their upcoming album ‘Nowhere’, due out November 16th via Seasons Of Mist.

Listen to the track here.

On the track, Esben and the Witch say:

We’ve been playing this song on the road for the last two years now. A tribute to the women out there who dare to go against the grain, despite the battles they encounter on the way. In 1563, Peter Brueghel painted a vision of an unruly woman, leading a female army to pillage hell. She is Dull Gret. This is our vision, our call to arms. Do not underestimate nor constrain us, united we are more powerful than you could imagine. “One woman makes a din, two women a lot of trouble, three an annual market, four a quarrel, five an army, and against six the Devil himself has no weapon.” Flemish Proverb, 1568.

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