When two musicians decided that being countries apart couldn’t stop them from making music and joining the world of metal, Chaos Over Cosmos was born and with the recent release of their debut album ‘The Unknown Voyage’. This Polish and Spanish band consists of Rafal Bowman (Guitars, synths and programming) and Javier Calderón (Vocals), with getting inspiration from sources such as video games, classic prog and current metal bands, authors like J.R.R Tolkien, Arthur C. Clarke and Andrzej Sapkowski, and directors like Ridley Scott.

A Hidden Path is an ambient, sci-fi and meditation sounding track that creates the beginning of the album that is ‘The Unknown Voyage’, it features dreamy like synths and some soft clean guitar parts before the words of German Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche from his philosophical novel ‘Thus Spoke Zarathustra’ are spoken and carry us out.  Armour of The Stars (Xenogears) is the next track and the longest of the 5, at nearly doesn’t feel like it 15 minutes. Armour of The Stars (Xenogears) is inspired by the 90s role-playing video game Xenogears and straight from the get go you can hear the video game inspiration from the highly catchy riff by Bowman, before Calderón enters with his power metal-esq vocals. Armour of The Stars (Xenogears) features a mix of guitar solos through it ranging from shred to melodic with you being able to hear some of Bowmans influences of Joe Satriani and Ygnwe Malmsteen. The songwriting skills from Bowman on this track is outstanding, in making a track so long not drag and lose its momentum and the way each section progresses into the next with the little references to sections throughout the track.

My favourite track and third on the album They Will Fall and what is not to love about this track, it opens with an epic riff that reminds me a bit of Black Sabbath meets Opeth meets Devin Townsend, has some really cool vocal work by Calderón and some more excellent songwriting by Bowman. Being the slowest track on the album, has opened up space for Calderón to show off his vocal abilities with catchy vocals. Bowman tears down in the middle of the park with another blazing solo before it leads back into the main riff, and winds down into an ambient middle section, that for some reason reminds me of some old U2 tracks with Calderón’s vocal delivery, before progressing into a Iron Maiden-esq outro riff with harmonising lead guitars and a triplet rhythm section. The next track The Compass is similar to They Will Fall, as it is slow in pace, it starts with dreamy synths and guitar, before the rhythm section enters and builds up to the synths ringing out, we re-enter with the addition of Calderón with a Dark Tranquillity vocal vibe, the track slowly brings back the intro riff with Calderón singing along with the melody while winding down to an ambient section, with the guitars building up into the next section of the track.

The Compass gradually builds its way to the end with guitar solos, cool lead runs, double kicks powering through with the riffs and Calderón bringing us home. The final track of the album and an instrumental offering The Sky Remembered My Name reminds me of the likes of Steve Vai, The Helix Nebula and Plini. The Sky Remembered My Name ends the album with guitar solos galore, really fascinating riffs, an electronica section, and as you think the track is going to end Bowman reels you right back in.

Upon my first listen to the album I really didn’t know what to make of it and the vocals by Calderón just didn’t sit well with me, however after numerous listens I thought Calderón’s vocals were good they just needed some work to really stand out from Bowman’s guitar work, which in my opinion really shined and stole away from Calderón on this album. I do look forward to hearing what happens next from Chaos Over Cosmos as this is a decent album, I love the whole concept and inspirations that were brought together by Calderón and Bowman. ‘The Unknown Voyage’ by Chaos Over Cosmos is available right now for free from the bands Facebook page, however you can also contribute to them by buying the album from their Bandcamp page.